5 Best Whatsapp Alternatives 2021 with Privacy Protection

5 Best Whatsapp Alternatives in 2021 with the highest privacy protection. While WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy, people are starting to look at its abbreviated apps. WhatsApp is one of the fastest-growing apps in the world that allows people to make audio and video calls with each other and people use it a lot because of its privacy. This is an app that must be installed on every mobile because without it, it may be a little difficult to live now.

WhatsApp has changed some of its privacy policies in which has caused a stir all over the world. According to their new policy, they can save WhatsApp users’ IP address, location, online time, and much more and sell it to Facebook. Remember that WhatsApp is also a product of Facebook. And they will share user data with Facebook according to their new privacy.

5 Best Whatsapp Alternatives 2021

Due to this policy of WhatsApp, people have started shifting to other platforms. People are now looking for alternatives to WhatsApp, considering their data insecure. Here we will tell you about some of its alternatives that protect your privacy and do not sell your data. So here are 5 Best Whatsapp Alternatives.

1) Signal Private Messenger

signal app apk
signal app apk

Signal App provides end-to-end encryption like Whatsapp and they do not sell your personal information to any other third party. Your Messages and Calls always be secured and no one can access them. If you want to save your Privacy then this app is the best because it has specially designed for Privacy.

The signal is a most secure app and it has audio and video call options where you can make calls to your friends and family with end-to-end encryption. This app has not Status show option. The screenshot in this app is completely turned off so that your data is safe. with disappearing messages, the user can secure their private messages. This app has a 4.5 Ratings on Google Playstore. This app is available on IOS and Android both. If you care about your privacy then never forget to use this app.

Download: Android | IOS

2) Telegram Messenger

telegram app

Telegram is an alternative to the very old WhatsApp and is used by millions of people. Telegram has complete technology for making audio and video calls. If we talk about a group video call in it, it is not present in it. Maybe soon Telegram will introduce this option in it. But You can make an Audio call to the group which is given in a group by the name of “Voice chat”. In Telegram, your data is stored on their cloud storage and you can save your data, whether it is a call list or your messages, for a very long time.

If we talk about end-to-end encryption inside it, it is there but you have to turn it on separately. According to a report by Telegram, when WhatsApp changed its policy, millions of people shifted to Telegram in 72 hours. You get a lot of great emojis in Telegram, plus you can create your own channel on it. And if you talk about groups, a group can have up to 200,000 members.

Download: Android | IOS |

3) Skype – free IM & video calls


Skype is the most popular app in the world and it is very old. When Whatsapp was not launched people were using Skype to make Video and Audio calls. Skype powered by Microsoft and it is available on Android, IOS, Windows, and macOS. On the Playstore, it has 4.3 ratings by the date of Jan 2021. If we talk about Its video call then it has HD video calls option and you can add more members in video calls means you can make a group video call. Mostly this software uses in offices.

Download: Android | IOS | Windows

4) Snapchat


Snapchat is the most used app as an alternative to WhatsApp. It has a very great option and users can make audio and video calls easily. When someone replays something that I sent or takes a screenshot then it notifies me immediately. You can make beautiful images in it and it is also a secure app. Million of people are using Snapchat. It has 4.3 ratings on the play store.

In Snapchat users can share their beautiful moments through the stories. As WhatsApp has status option similar it has also a Status show option. Many people were looking for this type of app and you can enjoy your audio and video calls using this app.

Download: Android | IOS

5) Viber Messenger

Viber is the Top alternative to Whatsapp because it provides end-to-end encryption like Whatsapp. This app has many great options like Whatsapp and it is in good competition with Whatsapp. Viber is a free, fast, and high-quality audio-video call messenger. In this app user all calls, messages, and media are secure and end-to-end encrypted so no one can see user data. Viber allows the user to store Data backup to Google Drive while changing mobile phone. You can save your backup of messages, Chat, Call history, and Media.


Viber is available for Android, IOS and Windows. With a sync system, users can send and receive messages or calls on the desktop easily. Users can Start a Viber Community with Unlimited Members. In one group users can add 250 people. If someone is not on Viber then it allows you to make direct calls on landline numbers at a cheap price. Users can make a group video call of up to 20 people. If you are looking for Whatsapp alternative apps then this is the best app.

Download: Android | IOS

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