Abid Farooq Professor Baaghi Passed Away

A resident of Lahore, Professor Abid Farooq, better known as Professor Baghi, is known for his comedy and bizarre abstractions. He has been associated with the popular talk show Hebbank for several years and then worked with renowned journalist, presenter and analyst Aftab Iqbal.

Following the news of his death, many social media outlets became busy with the news of his death. The one who loves him and his fans are frustrated and sad after he leaves. In addition to being a reporter, he was a researcher and worked for the Government College (GCU) in Lahore. The Pakistani teacher is also an actor, known as Professor Baaghi in Khabarnaak 2010).

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He has a lot of fans. His disciples respect his position. He also earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Government from 1984 to 1986. He also holds a Masters’s Degree in Political Science and Government from GCU State University, Lahore.

Professor Abid Farooq Wife- Is He Married?

Professor Abed Farooq is married to Aisha Obaid’s wife, as documented on IMDb. Abed, the actor in the series Khanarnak (2010) and Khabarzar (2018), adored his wife and her compassionate ways. The couple shared with their three children for a long time.

The news of his death is a great loss not only for his family but also for his country. His wife and family are mourning his death. Many Abed fans express their gratitude and condolences to his family and wife. His sudden death caused him great pain and suffering for his family. Professor Abed Farooq – Death from a cerebral hemorrhage.

The leading cause of Professor Abed Farooq’s death was a brain hemorrhage that resulted in a stroke. Showbiz & News posted a photo of him in the ICU and prayed for him. He was in critical condition in the intensive care unit.

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Unfortunately, he left and left his family. Mubasher Loghman, a well-known television and radio host and prominent journalist, expressed his condolences and appreciation of him for the famous writer in a message. Baghi TV announced that he is on treatment and is in intensive care. But the doctors were unable to save his life, which resulted in his death.

He was also part of the well-known private television channel Habernak and later became a reporter, artist and analyst at the weekly Aftab Iqbal.

He also appeared on the rebel program “New Mind” and sang his name “Professor Baghi” and said that by that name it was given to journalist Aftab Iqbal. General Conversation Lounge

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