Ayesha Akram full video Minar Pakistan is Going Viral

Ayesha Akram full video Minar Pakistan۔ On the day of Ayesha Akram’s arrival, some new video starts coming out. Similarly, another video came to light in which Ayesha Akram was found a video with her friend. It is being said that he did all this only to go viral in the world of the internet and TikTok.

He also wanted to attract young boys to Minar Pakistan, but by playing with the emotions of the people there, this girl made Pakistan’s name very bad. Ayesha Akram’s full video Minar Pakistan is available here. Watch the full movie online. At that time many famous anchors who were supporting her on YouTube and TV channels like Iqrarul Hassan interviewed the girl and supported her. Ayesha Akram calls Rambo who is very close to her a brother of hers but in fact, this girl has an illicit relationship with him.

You can watch the full video of Ayesha Akram of Minar Pakistan in Lahore here. In which she was kissing people and a crowd of at least two hundred people had gathered around her. Rambo had it stuck to him but no one knew what kind of relationship they had.

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