Become a Crypto Millionaire in the Next 10 Years? Grab your chance!

There are a lot of crypto millionaires or bitcoin millionaires as it is also called in the world. Most of these people got into Bitcoin as early as around 2011. Bitcoin was only worth a few cents back then. Some sold it quite early, but the people who held their Bitcoins from 2011 to 2017 are now millionaires and some are even billionaires.

Unfortunately I was not in Bitcoin yet in 2011, although I already knew about it and was about to buy some Bitcoins for fun, but in the end I didn’t. (painful)

At the end of 2017, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency was booming in the media. Bitcoin skyrocketed to an ATH (All Time High) of a staggering $20,000. Other cryptocurrencies also known as altcoins have skyrocketed with XRP and Verge in particular.

I was lucky enough to have some Verge which gives me some nice pocket money, earning with cryptocurrency in 2017.

During the hype, a lot of people got into crypto, but unfortunately this was the peak of Bitcoin and soon Bitcoin and all other altcoins dropped again, even below the amount it was set at before the hype. A lot of people have gone into the ship because of this instead of becoming crypto millionaires.

But the big question now…

Can You Still Become a Crypto Millionaire?

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is at a price of 8500 euros. It will therefore become quite impossible for people with a small crypto budget to become a crypto millionaire with Bitcoin unless you start trading, but in this case I am only talking about holding Bitcoin.

But can you still become a crypto millionaire with a small budget? Yes, this is certainly possible, although I can of course not guarantee anything. We just don’t know for sure where the crypto world is headed.

But altcoins are very interesting to invest in, at least some of them. Many altcoins currently have a fairly low price, so you can buy quite a few altcoins with a small budget.

If one of the altcoins you have invested in is going to rise significantly, you can easily rake in a lot of money or even become a crypto millionaire.

As an example I take altcoin Vechain.

This is a very interesting crypto coin that at this time of writing €0.0085479,- is worth. Now it probably never will €1,000 worth, because it has a much larger supply than Bitcoin.

But it certainly has the potential to € 1,- per coin and maybe even more.

Now imagine that you for € 1,000,- to Vechain and it will be within the next few years € 1,- become worth per coin, which is certainly not impossible, you have no less than € 114,605. deserves.

And what if you €10,000 to Vechain and it becomes € 1,- worth? Yes you guessed it then you are crypto millionaire.

So you can see that it is still possible in 2020 or the coming years to become a crypto millionaire with Vechain and other altcoins.

KEEP AN EYE ON: The time of this blog is 12 Jun 14:43 2020. Cryptocurrencies can rise or fall any time. It is therefore quite possible that at the time of reading the value of Vechain is different from the example above and the calculation is no longer correct.

This is also no financial advice, you should do your own research before investing in cryptocurrency and only invest with money that you can afford to lose.

Because even though I personally have a lot of confidence in the future of cryptocurrency and especially in a number of crypto coins. You are never certain.

My Favorite Altcoins

If you are going to invest in cryptocurrency, it is important that you spread it. It is very risky if you are going to bet all your money on 1 crypto coin. Read what my favorite altcoins for a chance to become a crypto millionaire in the next 10 years. (Again this is not financial advice)

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