Best Children Electric Cars Renting Bussiness Idea in 2022

There is no doubt that the project of renting children’s electric cars in malls and complexes is one of the most profitable projects. This project may return to the owner of the project a lot of profits. As the idea of ​​the project is to rent electric cars for children that operate with remote control. Where the father and mother can control the car driven by the child. It is known that many people prefer their children to ride in these cars when they go to malls and entertainment venues.

Also, this project is one of the projects which provides job opportunities for graduates Craftsmen and also provide job opportunities for the elderly who still have the ability to work and make a profit. And is also considered one of the good projects for the state as it seeks to solve the problem of unemployment in addition to providing social services. Through my project site, we will conduct a full feasibility study for the project and calculate the percentage Costs and Profits. You will be able to manage the project in a way that makes it more successful.

In this context, we are talking today about a very profitable, distinguished and new project. As it is one of the distinguished projects with heavy demand on holidays and holidays, especially on Saturdays and Sundays. This is what we discuss in detail in the project of renting electric cars for children.

The idea of ​​the electric car rental project for children:

Children’s electric cars are cars of small sizes that children from 3 to 8 years old can ride and drive in small or limited surroundings. Of course, because children do not know how to drive. Each car has remote control through which the father, mother or any member of the family controls the car that the child is driving to prevent him from crashing.

It is worth noting that many people when they go with their children to malls and recreational areas and find electric children’s cars, accept to rent them. This is what brings profit to the lessors or project owners. Certainly, you can work on this project to start you too in making a profit and earning money.

What are the advantages of the children’s car rental project?

The advantages of the children’s electric car rental project are as follows:

  • One of the advantages of the project is that it continues to work on a daily basis, which brings good daily profits. except on Saturdays and Sundays, when profits are increasing.
  • One of the most important advantages of the project is also that it is dealing with a class or a class of people who are elegant and polite. Thus the dealings will be unobtrusive.
  • The costs of the electric car project are neither large nor high as many large projects. That require equipment, machinery, etc.
  • Working on this project is neither tiring nor exhausting, like other projects that require time, effort and fatigue. This project is based on the follow-up of the father or the mother.
  • At any time, the project can be terminated without effort or capital losses. The cars can be sold and the matter is over.
  • Renting electric cars for children is a very profitable project

How to buy electric children’s cars:

Electric children’s cars are purchased through the following methods:

  • If the amount of capital is small, the project can be started with only 5 cars.
  • Cars are bought at a supermarket selling children’s toys.
  • You can contact one of the children’s toy companies through the websites, which are very widespread on the Internet.
  • If you have a good chance, electric cars can be imported from China.
  • Project location and space:
  • The project can only be implemented in a commercial mall that has an outdoor area with many projects and where many people are present. In an entertainment place that many people visit as well. As for the space, an area of ​​3 square meters will be enough to set up a kiosk to manage the project through it. And of course it must That there be freedom to use the place so that children roam in cars without trespassing.

How to work on the project:

The project starts working from the evening period. Specifically from four o’clock, where people start to go out and go to the malls for shopping or entertainment areas to enjoy their time with their children. Getting money from them and handing them over the cars and their remotes. And when the time is up, they are told to hand over the cars and remotes to be rented by other people.

  • For example 10 minutes for 10 dirhams
  • Time: 60 minutes
  • 60 minutes/10 = 6
  • 6 * 5 riyals = 30 dirhams per hour for each car.
  • For example, I bought 4 cars
  • 4 * 30 = 120 dirhams per hour
  • For example, you worked two hours, and you got 240 dirhams in two hours

Project Services Marketing:

The project does not need any marketing, your presence in the right place is enough. When customers come to the mall or the entertainment place in which the project is located and see the cars. They will come to bring some fun for their children. But there is no objection to placing a bright and upscale banner at the top of the kiosk to attract more attention. Also from distributing brochures to arrivals to the mall or place.

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