Best Satellite Dish receivers in Pakistan in Under 5000 PKR

Satellite Dish receivers are mostly used in all world. But when we are new to buying and using these receivers at our home, office and any other place it is difficult to choose the best receiver. Because a new person has not much information and knowledge about it so, they find the information on the internet. There is no good information available on the internet about Pakistani dish receivers. So, here are some WIFI & satellite dish receivers available at the lowest prices.

Best Satellite Dish receivers in Pakistan in Under 5000 PKR

Here are different types of receivers available in the market with different types of features and prices. You can buy these receivers from markets near you and also online.

1. EMR 1080P HD WIFI Satellite Dish Receiver (NS-1506)

Those people who are worried to set the dish antenna can buy this receiver. When you are using this receiver you will never need to install a dish antenna. Because it has WIFI and you can use paid TV channels on it. Just buy it and connect it with your TV/LED. It starting you will get 12 Months of Free Cline and can see Pakistani and Indian TV channels for free. There are also other countries’ TV channels available for free in Clines.

You can watch YouTube because it is installed in it, can browse other websites, and there is a DVD player on it. You can watch movies by inserting any DVD disk. Its price is very low and you can buy this receiver at the lowest price of Rs.2500 to 3000 PKR.


  • DVD Player
  • USB Supported
  • WIFI
  • 1080p Video Supported
  • 12 months free cline
  • Time Shift
  • PVR
  • YouTube Supported

2. Neoset i5000 extreme Satellite SIM Card Receiver

It is a mostly used SIM card dish satellite receiver. This receiver is mostly used in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. Neoset i5000 is a SIM card supported and 3G satellite dish receiver. You can insert any network SIM card after activating any internet package and can watch all 1000+ TV channels from Pakistani, Indian, and other south sites.

Some of the TV channels are paid so, you will need to pay cline fees for one year. In starting when you will buy this dish receiver you will get free 1-year cline. Asian, Pakistani, and Tamil sites will work on it. After one year you can buy a new receiver otherwise you can renew its cline.

In this dish receiver, there are many great features. You can watch YouTube, can insert a USB, watch 4K videos, can insert a 3G SIM card, and also can connect WIFI. Its difficult password to reset the device is 0000. The price of this dish receiver is Rs.2000 to 2500 PKR. It is available in all electronic stores and you can buy it online.


  • 1080p HD Video Supported
  • WIFI Supported
  • 3G SIM card supported
  • YouTube app
  • USB Supported
  • 1 Year free cline
  • Audio and Video Player
  • Channels recording
  • Blind, Manual, and TP Scan

3. Neosat i5000i PRO Satellite Dish Receiver (Upgraded Version)

This is a newly updated dish receiver of neoset company. In this receiver, all the features are the same but you will get extra free clines and 12 months server DSCAM. You can watch the video by connecting to the WIFI and by using a 3G SIM card in it. This dish receiver supports 1080p HD videos, and all TV channels are supported in 1080p high resolution. You can watch and store 5000 TV channels in it.

Dscam and Cccam cline supported and in starting you will also get 6 Month Free HD Goda Server. The price of this dish receiver is Rs.4000 PKR. This device has a USB and a DVD player is also in it. You can watch videos and movies by inserting USB and DVD disks in them.


  • Free 6 months HD Goda Server
  • HD 1080p Videos supported
  • 5000 channels store
  • DSCAM 12 months free server
  • USB supported
  • WIFI supported
  • 3G SIM Card Supported
  • Cccam cline supported
  • Blind, Manual, and TP Scan

4. NEOSAT 560D+ Satellite Dish Receiver

560D+ satellite dish receiver is supported by Dscam and Cccam cline. In this receiver, a WIFI connection is available which can be used to watch all international, Asian, Pakistani, and South TV channels for free.  You can support 5000 TV channels in it. In starting when you will buy this device you will get free 6 months Dscam and 1-year Cccam cline in 560+ neoset receiver.

You can watch YouTube in it because the YouTube app is supported. HDMI is available in it and you can watch TV channels by connecting it with LCD by HDMI. This receiver has AV output options which help to connect old TVs or LCDs with this receiver.


  • YouTube supported
  • HDMI supported
  • WIFI supported
  • Dscam and Cccam cline supported
  • 6 months free Dscam

I have provided these all dish receivers at the lowest prices. You can buy these all receivers from any of your nearest electronic markets. Currently, the Neosat i5000i PRO dish receiver is the best choice because this receiver has WIFI, 3G SIM Card, DVD, USB, and Youtube app is available.

Once you will buy this receiver you will never need to pay anything for 1 year. Because for 12 months, you will get the free server of DSCAM. I hope that you will choose the best dish receiver for you. If you know about any other dish receiver then you can tell us in the comments. We will review and update its specifications and features here.

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