Best Touch Screen Watches Under Rs.2000 In Pakistan

Here are many touch watches in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and other Asian countries which are under Rs.2000 PKR. Here is the list of the top 5 cheap touch watches that are below Rs.2000 PKR. I am providing the list of top android and IOS-supported watches for those people who cannot afford more money to buy touch watches.

If we talk about their beauty, they look very interesting and beautiful. These watches have many features that are widely used in our daily lives. Such as checking blade pressure, heart rate, and weather conditions. There are also some watches that are waterproof and we can use them anywhere also in water. You will find many such watches in the market which will be available at different prices. Here is a list of some touch and android watches that are available at lower prices and with more features.

List Of The Touch Watches Under 2000 PKR

  1. D13 Smart Watch 1.3 Inch
  2. D20 Bluetooth Smart Watch
  3. T500 Smartwatch Android 
  4. D18 smart watch
  5. 116Plus Smart Watch

These all watches are android and IOS supported and touch screen. You can buy these watches in online stores and also at the nearest mobile and electronic shops.

1. D13 Smart Watch


It is the best health and fitness tracker activity watch at the lowest price of Rs.900 PKR. If you are a cricketer and want to have a watch in under Rs.1000 PKR then this watch is the best. You can find all the best features in it which are available in other expensive watches. Its screen size is 1.3 inches and has Bluetooth, Heart rate, and blood pressure, checker.

You can also read your mobile messages, calls, voice messages and also receive voice calls in it. When you connect your mobile phone with this watch you will be able to make calls, send and receive messages and also you can track location if you have the internet on your connected mobile phone. D13 smartwatch price in Pakistan is Rs.900 PKR. Its battery timing is more the 2 days while sleeping mode. On calls and messages, your watch battery timing is only 12 hours to 16 hours. In the box, there will be no charger.


Blood Pressure MonitorHeart Rate CheckerWeather Checker
Messages ReadCalls accept and rejectFitness Tracker
WaterproofBluetooth 4.01.3 inches screen

2. D20 Bluetooth Smart Watch

This watch price in Pakistan is Rs.1200 PKR. One of the best features of this watch is that you can get notifications of WhatsApp messages received on your mobile phone. It has all the other futures in a cheap and expensive watch. Its charger is inside the leash, which is not visible at all. That’s why you can use it in water.

It also has the option of blood pressure, heart rate, incoming calls, messages, taking pictures, and a map while traveling. You can capture the pictures by shaking your watch. This watch also supports the QQ and Wechat notifications, Distance, Running, Sleep monitoring and you can also get the latest wallpapers on it. You can use it all day without any hassle. Water and dirt can’t go in this watch. That’s why its screen is always clean.


WaterproofIncoming CallsMessages
WeChat notificationsSleeping monitoringCapture Pictures by Shaking
Wallpapers UpdateQQ NotificationsBlood pressure
HeartbeatMapDistance Checker

3. T500 Smartwatch

This is the model that is currently being used a lot at affordable prices. There are many good futures in this watch. With the help of this blood pressure app, we can find out whether our blood pressure is high or low. Cricketers can use it while running. With the help of sensors, we can check the heartbeat. This watch is waterproof so, we can use this watch in water.

This watch is available at different prices in Pakistan. Some shopkeepers sell this watch for Rs.1800 PKR and some of the shopkeepers or online stores sell this watch for Rs.2000 PKR. You can get the latest update of this watch by visiting the nearest shop or mobile dealers. You can connect this watch with your Android and IOS phone and can receive incoming calls, text messages, and WhatsApp messages.

This watch has 34 MB ram and 128MB of internet storage. You can connect your IOS 9.0 and Android 5.0 and above models with it. The main feature of it is that you can hear songs from your mobile phone to this watch. There are 15+ new features in it which I am providing below.


Exercise StepsDistance CalculateCalories
Heart rate monitoringBlood pressure MonitoringBluetooth Music
Short message reminderBluetooth CallSleep monitor
Social AppsInformation reminderIntelligent alarm clock
Multi-Exercise ModeFind a cell phoneShake Take photos

4. D18 Smart Watch

If you are looking for a cheap watch like the iPhone watch which is priced at PKR 2000 or less then this is a very beautiful looking watch. This watch also has the futures that are in an expensive watch. This watch is equipped with a remote camera that allows you to easily take pictures.

Its round shape makes it very beautiful. This watch, which looks like an Apple Watch, costs only Rs 1,500. With the help of sensors in it, we can record our exercise steps during exercise and running. It has many options of weather temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure which we can use as we wear it on our hands.

It is a waterproof watch which we can use in water. All the extra space around the pins of charge in it has been closed with pure plastic. When we wash our hands or take a bath and keep it tied to our hands, then water cannot enter in it. It gives up to 2 days of battery timing on standby mode, while if we use it continuously, it can be used for 7 to 12 hours.


Call ReminderDistance TrackerHeart Rate
Blood Pressure CheckerSleep MonitoringRemote Camera
Sedentary reminderFind my PhoneBlood Oxygen
Message reminderpedometermovement patterns
7-12 hours talk timeAlarm ClockRaise hand to lighten screen
2 Days Standby250×250 resolutionFitness tracker

5. 116Plus Smart Watch

You can also buy this watch at a lower price. It also has all the futures that I have told you about in the clocks above. This watch is available in more than 5 colors that you can choose from when you buy. The most commonly used color is black. At the bottom of the screen is a button in the center that helps to turn the clock on and off and control its functions.

The watch also has options for blood pressure, heart rate, exercise, distance measuring, and listening to music. It is also designed in such a way that you can use it in water. Its battery can be used for 2 days on standby mode. You can connect your watch through Bluetooth with your android and IOS phones.


Alarm ClockHeartbeatBlood pressure
Call reminderRunning exerciseDistance measuring
Wechat reminderQQ reminderExercise Steps counter
Shake picturesSleep monitoringBluetooth Music
Phone reminderFind the phoneFitness tracker

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