Bitcoin Basics & Crypto and Technical Analysis Review

Module 1: Introduction to Technical Analysis

In the introduction Madelon says that we go very deep into technical analysis and trading in general.

She says that it is extremely important to know what is happening in the general economy in order to be able to respond to certain waves and price movements.

If you understand this, you know where we are heading and you can respond very well by means of technical analysis.

Module 2: Graphs

Now it’s going to get really serious. You will discuss different types of graphs.

From the trading view website, Madelon will go through different types of charts with you.

Also Madelon will teach you how to read Japanese candlesticks. These candlesticks are used very often by traders because they allow you to recognize and interpret patterns.

But what exactly should you trade with and which exchange do you use and how are you going to do this? Madelon will also walk you through that step by step in this module.

Module 3: Price movements

When analyzing, it is always good to look at the big picture first. You pick up the chart to view the trend. This can be an uptrend, downtrend or sideway trend.

You can determine your buying and selling moments by means of the trends.

If you’ve watched a little bit of videos from technical analysts, you’ll know that they often put lines on charts.

This is one of the most important elements for reading price charts. It forms the basis of the market and trend.

Lines support to see which way a price is likely to go.

Madelon shows you how this all works by means of a graph where she will then draw different lines herself and she explains what these lines mean exactly.

Madelon also talks about going Long vs Short. But is it wise to do this? Madelon tells you in the video.

Module 4: Tools

There are a lot of tools with which you can make a technical analysis. By using several of these tools you can come to a good technical analysis.

Some of these tools are:

  • Volume
  • Fibonaccia
  • Patterns
  • RSI
  • moving average

Madelon will walk you through all these tools and about 5 others in this module.

Module 5: Madelon Vos’s Toolset

In this module, everything discussed in the course is reflected in the video.

Madelon shows you how certain tools work, how she applies her tools herself and what are the most important points for her when using her toolset.

For example, some tools can’t work together, which means you get conflicting results or don’t connect well with each other.

Madelon takes you through a chart in the video and takes you step by step so you can see exactly how Madelon reads a chart using her tools.

This is also almost the end of the course. In a closing word, Madelon tells you that after following her course you can read charts, you can make price calculations on different price patterns and you can use the indicators to estimate how the price is.

You also know which toolset Madelon works with to analyze Bitcoin.

And you are now able to start trading Bitcoin and crypto in general.

My experience with Madelon Vos’ courses

Madelon has set up a course that she can be proud of.

In her first Bitcoin & Crypto Basics course, she takes you through videos from A to Z and teaches you everything you need to know about Bitcoin to make money with it.

Madelon does this in a way that everyone can understand. She speaks clearly and shows you exactly what to do in the videos in addition to saying it.

Her technical analysis course for trading Bitcoin is quite spicy, but I can recommend it to everyone. Because if you want to learn it from anyone, it’s Madelon.

Both courses don’t take too long, which I personally really like. As long as everything in it is what it should be in it, it is good and that is the case.

Do not start the technical analysis course until you know the basics of Bitcoin and Crypto. If not, I recommend starting her first course with Madelon.

Madelon has succeeded in ensuring in an accessible way that everyone, regardless of level, can start earning money via Bitcoin and crypto.

Going through the courses

When you purchase both courses, you will see a dashboard with both courses after logging in.

It is very easy to follow the courses. You must complete each video to watch the next video.

I personally like this so much because this way you can be sure that you don’t skip a single video.

I kept it to holden

Despite taking the technical analysis course, I still stuck with Bitcoin and crypto.

Trading Bitcoin is not really my thing even though Madelon explains it fantastically. But it causes too much stress for me personally and you have to be on top of it.

I buy some extra Bitcoin or crypto every month and then hold it for a number of years with the hope of making a hit in a few years and that’s it.

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