Buy crypto coins? These are the Top 3 Dutch Brokers!

Within seconds to minutes you will have crypto coins in your account!

The top 3: Where is the best place to buy crypto coins?

Below you will find my top 3 Dutch crypto coins that in my opinion are the best choice to buy your first crypto coins. I use all three crypto brokers and I also recommend that you create an account for each broker below. I will come back to why this is so later.

#3 Litebit

litebit logo

Litebit is the platform on which I bought my very first crypto coins. I find Litebit a pleasant broker that visually looks good and is well put together, making it very suitable for beginners.

At the moment you can buy something like 50+ crypto coins. That’s pretty little when you consider the number two on the list. This is also the reason why I don’t spend much time on Litebit these days. The costs of a transaction are around 1% to 2% percent.

A big plus of Litebit is the wallet system that works very well. What I did notice in the time that I often bought my crypto coins at Litebit was that it often happened that certain crypto coins could not be traded temporarily, but I honestly don’t know whether this is still the case. The transaction is also a small disadvantage with 1% to 2%, but it is worth it given the convenience you get in return.

Litebit’s customer service is also top notch and completely Dutch. I can therefore only say that Litebit is a reliable broker, it is therefore not for nothing that it has been declared the best crypto broker in the Netherlands in 2019 and 2020!

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#2 Bitcoin master

bitcoin master logo

Bitcoin master is the broker I bought the most crypto coins from. It has a very wide range with no less than 200+ different crypto coins.

Bitcoin Master’s platform looks very clear and easy to understand. Just like with Litebit, you can pay with IDEAL. The trading costs are standard at 1.5%, which is already slightly lower than with Litebit. And if you trade a lot, you get a discount on the trading costs via so-called VIP levels.

The crypto coins on the platform are kept offline for 95%, which benefits security. Moreover, few brokers are hacked anyway. Another advantage over an exchange.

In the time that I am at Bitcoin master I have never experienced that some crypto coins were not available for a certain period of time, so that is also completely fine, although it can always happen once.

A function that I find super useful is the instant exchange of cryptocurrencies. Suppose you have Bitcoin and you want to exchange it for Cardano or Vechain, then you do not have to sell Bitcoin first. You can exchange your Bitcoin from a value of 5 euros directly for the crypto currency you want.

One disadvantage of Bitcoin master is that you cannot automatically transfer some crypto coins from your wallet on your mobile to the wallet on Bitcoin master. For example, I have crypto currency Vechain on my mobile wallet, but in case I would like to sell it, I cannot immediately deposit it in my wallet on Bitcoin master, but I first have to request an address from customer service and then pass on how much I have sent . By the way, the customer service is very good and fast.

Despite this minus, I think Bitcoin Master is a very good broker where you can safely buy your crypto coins in an accessible way.

Click here to create an account with Bitcoin master!

1# Bitvavo


I’ve actually only tried Bitvavo very recently, but I have to say that I’m quite excited about it. Visually it looks a bit less attractive than Litebit and Bitcoinmeester, but it works just as easily and has everything you could wish for from a broker.

The big advantage of Bitvavo compared to the other 2 brokers is that the trading costs are considerably lower with 0.25%. This may not seem like a lot, but when it comes to large amounts, it can make quite a difference.

The choice of crypto coins is a lot less than with, for example, Bitcoin master. At the moment you can buy 58+ crypto coins at Bitvavo. Incidentally, these are generally the most important and popular crypto coins. You can also easily pay with IDEAL at Bitvavo and you will immediately see your crypto coins in your account after purchase.

Bitvavo also offers the option to discontinue certain cryptocurrencies. This means that you receive interest on the amount of crypto coins you have, in other words, free crypto coins. Incidentally, Bitcoin master also offers this function, only it is a bit unclear to me.

You also have the option here to exchange your crypto coins with another currency and the customer service is, just like with the other 2 brokers, Dutch and they respond very quickly to your questions.

A nice extra at Bitvavo is that when you create an account you get 1000 euros free trading costs for the first 7 days.

Click here to create an account with Bitvavo and get 1000 euros free trading fees.

Why use multiple broker accounts?

I always recommend having an account with a few brokers. It may happen that the cryptocurrency you want to buy is not available at one of the brokers or that something does not function properly at one of the brokers while you just want to buy or sell crypto coins.

If you then have to create a new account with another broker, that again costs time and hassle and it may be that you are too late with buying or selling because the prices have risen or fallen.

Moreover, creating an account is completely free, and all three are reliable Dutch crypto brokers.

I mainly use Bitcoin master and Bitvavo, but it is also just what you feel best with. I would say test them all three and then you will automatically find out which broker suits you best.

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