How to check Property Ownership in Pakistan using CNIC

How to check Property Ownership in Pakistan a complete step by step guide. If you came here to check the Online Property, Land Record, and Check the Property owner’s name then you are in the right place. Because Today, You will Success to check any property and Land record Online in Pakistan.

Check Online Land and Property Record in Pakistan

  • Open the Punjab or Sindh Website
  • Select the Area and City
  • Enter the Land Record Number, CNIC number or Bahi Number
  • For the SINDH record check you will need CNIC or Name
  • Now Click on Search
  • You will get all Records of Property and Lands in Pakistan
  • To download the Files you will need to register on the website.

With this technology, Everyone wants to check everything on the internet. However, it will a Mobile Phone, Computer, dress, Business and any Land Records etc. As Science is growing similar every country efforts to make everything in a new and modern style. In the past, Patwari was required to name land any Property and also to check its registry. So for this, we had to pay a bribe first of all and then it was our job.

How to check Property Ownership in Pakistan Online Sindh / Punjab

The Sindh government and the Punjab government have now introduced online land records in Pakistan to avoid mafias such as gangsterism and occupation groups. Earlier occupation groups used to take records of people’s lands or properties out of bullying and make it in their own name. But now that it is online, no occupation group can seize anyone’s property.

Now you too can save your land deeds by getting your property online and avoiding such mafia. And you can easily check your or anyone’s land record at home. You don’t have to go anywhere for this and you can do this on your mobile phone or computer at home.

Here is the complete process to check the Land and Property Records in Pakistan.

Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA)

People who live in Punjab can easily check their property and land records online. All you have to do is follow the procedure given below.

Check Punjab Land Record

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Property Registration button
  3. Now, first of all, Select the district
  4. Select the Area where the property is located
  5. In the 3rd Box of the site click on the Drop Down List
  6. Select the Type As; CNIC or Bahi number etc
  7. Now write the number of which you have provided up
  8. Click on the Search button
  9. You will find all Records in your name
  10. To download records files you may have to register on-site.

It was a very easy method to check property records online. Keep remembering many People’s Property and Land records are not available on the internet because they have not updated their Files on Govt site. if You have property and Land then I will suggest you must verify online your record. It is very safe.

Check Property in Sindh

  1. To check the Land and Property records in Sindh visit the Site
  2. Open the site and click on Search by CNIC/NIC
  3. Enter Your CNIC/NIC number
  4. Solve the captcha
  5. Now click on the Search button
  6. From this Site, you can check Land records in Karachi or More Sindh cities
  7. You can check the record by name of the owner
  8. Select the District and Taluka now select the Deh.
  9. Write the full name as on CNIC.
  10. Solve the captcha and click on the search button.
  11. You will find a complete record of Your Land or Property.


from this process, you can check easily your land or property records online. At this time Govt of Pakistan trying to introduce this system in all of Pakistan. Unfortunately, This Service is not available in other provinces. You can check the Land records in Punjab and SINDH only. I hope that in the future, this service will introduce in all of Pakistan.

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