Coronavirus Certificate Verification – Mounting Fraudulent COVID-19 Cases

Saleem Baloch June 9, 2022

Coronavirus Certificate Verification – Mounting Fraudulent COVID-19 Cases

The COVID pandemic was not just about vaccine distribution, it also involved following social safety protocols. Moving along these, are a wide array of frauds that industries are facing. Criminals are exploiting every possible opportunity that emerges due to loopholes left by industries. Most prominent in this sort are impersonation, manipulation of vaccine-related information, and smuggling fake or forged certificates.

Among all the industries, the healthcare and travel sectors are the most exploited. This is so because criminals get access to legit information through cybercrimes and to put an end to these malicious acts, industries need to carry out authentic COVID certificate verification. This piece of writing highlights some fraudulent concerns and how digital verification solutions provide a viable experience. How do these services combat risks and ensure less crime-involved processing?

Coronavirus and Vaccine Certificates – A Panorama Shot 

More than 2.5 million individuals around the globe lost their lives fighting COVID-19. Undoubtedly virus is proven to be lethal, as evident from the previous stats by TheNewYorkTimes. To combat disease, countries are striving hard by coming up with various methods including vaccine programs. Furthermore, the UK is making use of the NHS Pass app to validate individuals’ vaccine status. Similarly, the EU formed its designated digital certificate to allow customers freely travel within the country. Alongside these, China also originated a digital certificate that serves as the vaccine and COVID negative proof.

Despite all these initiatives, citizens are still exposed to breaches, scams, and frauds. This continuous menace resulted in the uplift of citizens’ trust in authorities and the standards they come up with. Therefore, they are using illegitimate means for bypassing the digital certificate vaccine verification process. 

Verify Covid Certificate – Addressing Fraudulent, Privacy, and Security Concerns

Criminals from around the globe are taking covid certificates as their green cards to earn money and exploit legal processes. This practice largely leads to a breach of data privacy and the overall security of customers. To address these, the European Union has taken an initiative stating that no information will be stored when another country verifies certificates.

However, fraudster groups have come up with innovative ideas to exploit information, create fake certificates, and sell them as per their desired price. To perform these malicious acts, digital applications are also providing unintentional assistance. For instance, an Australian-based Express Plus Medicare app allowed customers to get their certificates online by simply filling in their details. Later on, it was found that this platform experienced data breaches and fake certificate selling. 

COVID-19 Certificate Verification – Ensuring Security and Validity 

Cities, as well as citizens, need to be encouraged to verify vaccine certificates. To ensure accurate verification, validity, and authenticity, industries need to employ digital services that make this a reality through encrypted solutions. However, while looking for solutions, industries should make sure it has the ability to differentiate between fake and genuine certificates. So much so, that this way they should also comply with the regulations and government set standards. 

Hence, the automated covid certificate verification serves are the viable tools for mitigating malicious criminal acts and customers’ vulnerability. These are backed by AI technology to prevent suspicious activities within time. These include forged certificates, fake details, or no QR codes. Verification solutions authenticate all these traits and other elements that serve as genuine of documents. 

COVID-19 Certificates Coupled with Identity Verification 

Covid vaccine certificate verification has become mandatory for every sector from healthcare to public gathering organizers. To combat fraudulent concerns and comply with issued protocols, the encrypted solution offers real-time verification. These are a single-place platform that enables industries to authenticate customers’ identities as well as their health conditions. For instance, hospitals, airports, malls, and organizers.

These encrypted services are enabling industries while providing them worldwide coverage and legal access to authorities’ databases. This way they can not only verify covid certificates but also validate customers’ identities. This leads to compliance with KYC and other regulatory standards. The plus point is that installers won’t have to visit physically any office, everything is available at their fingertips. Some of the features include:

  1. Instant and accurate verification of certificates 
  2. Identity verification of the end-users in real-time  
  3. Prevention of the majority of the COVID-related crimes
  4. Access to authorized labs 
  5. Installation is not required 
  6. Compliance with GDPR protocols 
  7. Improved compatibility and enables support for multiple languages
  8. Easy installation of the app – a second option
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