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Terms and Conditions

Wrong Mobile Number

We will publish your mobile number or Whatsapp number here only for 15 Days. If someone adds false number then we will never update it and immediately remove it. We will never return the fees of false profile activation.


We are not responsible if someone receives calls or message from any part. We are informing you read this Terms. You can receive calls or messages from blackmailers or spammers. There can be a fraud with you from received numbers. So, we did not responsible for this type of incidents. Always beware from wrong numbers. If you are receiving wrong number calls then you can remove your profile in 24 Hours.

Age Requirement

If you will publish your profile its means that you are agreeing to terms and conditions. This Service is only for adult persons. We did not allow to publish profiles of Kids. If you are 18 years old then you can submit your profile here.

Deactivated Profile:

Once You have activated Your Profile than you cannot change anything from it. Because it can take bad effects on this site. We can only remove your profile and publish again with new order. Other order fees will be charged.

Beware to Wrong Offers

If someone say you that he/she will send you cash but you have to came on his/her site then it is your responsibility. We will never allow you to do this. it can harmful for you.

We are not responsible for any kind of fraud or other activity. This profile activation is just for friendship. You cannot make any offers to the callers. Respect to your friends.

Remove Your Profile Fast

Once you have find a best match for you then you will need to remove your profile from here. Because you will receive calls and messages from other people from all over the world. Send Us mail to deactivate your Profile. We will Remove your number, and other details immediately from here.

Purpose of This site

This Site purpose is just for friendship not for dating and sex work. If you looking for that content then please leave this site and try to others.