Dell E6410 Reviews, Specifications, and Speed

dell e6410 reviews

What are you searching for Dell E6410 Core i5 1st generation laptop? If yes then read its full guide about its speed, processor, RAM, and battery backup before buying this laptop. Whenever we have to buy something, we first find out about it useful information on the internet. We collect information about its price, its reviews, functions, and other items then compare it with our requirements and then decide to buy this item.

Here I will give you information about this laptop so that you can get complete information about it before buying it. By reading this post you will get an idea that will it give the right performance according to your work or not.

Dell E6410 Laptop Core i5 1st generation Windows 7

Many people ask that is this laptop support windows 10, 8 or not? We will answer you about its full information. A few months ago I bought this laptop from the computer market. Because I live in Multan and I have added Multan mobile and computer markets details so, you can get information about it on this blog. This is a core i5 and 1st generation laptop that supports windows 7.

When you will go to the market you will find different types of laptops and computers. If you are a photographer or web designer then you have to need a good and highest-performance processor laptop. If your budget is a maximum of 15K to 20K then you will be able to buy this model. You can easily manage your online work, can install the highest software in it, and can run Windows 10 in it.

Windows 10 in Dell E6410 Core i5 1st generation

This laptop has windows 7 installed and because it is an old model so, this laptop never supports windows 10. As we all know that windows 7 is no longer available and supported on computers. So, Microsoft company always recommends we install and use Windows 10 updated version on all laptops and computers. In the Microsoft forum, a guest says that this laptop does not support windows 10 because its drivers are not available on the Dell website.

So, when we install windows 10 in it some of the functions do not work in it. Sometimes, after installing windows 10 on it the screen goes to black and the laptop is not turned on. I have bought this laptop and use windows 10 in it. I have not found any issue in it after installing windows 10 and installing its updates. You should have at least 4GB RAM in it to install windows 10. If you are facing problems while installing windows 10 then I will recommend you to install windows 10 2004-6 versions. These versions do not hang or down the laptop and you can easily install them on any laptop.

Something similar happened to me. I installed a new update of Windows 10 on my laptop which caused its graphics to deteriorate and its screen turned red. I was mostly worried about its screen and started looking at its solution on the internet. There were many people who were saying that their laptop is good and never had this issue and some of the people were saying that their laptop has the same issue.

I again install the windows 10 2004 version on my laptop and now it was good. There was not any issue with it. After installing it I start updating the windows online and wait for some time. When Windows was fully updated then I restarted the laptop and checked it. His performance was very good and I didn’t have any problem with it. It only had more RAM problems because my laptop had 2 GB of RAM. So I increased its RAM and then its speed got better.

Dell E6410 Specification

Dell E6410 has Intel (R) Core TM i5 CPU M540 @2.53ghz+2.53ghz processor. It supports 64bit windows. In the new and used both laptops it has 4GB internal storage and 250GB hard disk. It has Wifi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.2, touchpad, CD/DVD reader, Mic for audio calling, SD Card Reader, and SIM card jacket in it. You can insert any AT&T and Verizon SIM card in it and can use the internet without WIFI.

If you live in another country like Asia then the SIM card of your network carrier will not work in it. Its screen size is 14″ inches and has the highest resolution of 1440×900 pixels. Now, after ending the Windows 7 support the Windows 10 is supported on this laptop. There is no camera and fingerprint sensor in it.

Dimensions355.60 x 180.00 x 17.78
Operating systemWindows 10
Resolution1440×900 pixels
ProcessorIntel Core i5
Screen Size14″ inches
WIFIYes, 802.11 ac
SIM CardYes
Auto brightness SensorYes
Fingerprint sensorNo
VGA PortYes
Multicard supportSD Card Reader
Battery6 cells Li-ion (4000mAh)
Graphics CardNVIDIA 512MB

If we talk about its battery timing then its battery timing is more than 4 hours for a new laptop. Used laptop battery timing is only 1-2 hours. Its battery color is silver and there is a charging checker function available. You can press the long button on the battery to check the remaining battery.

You can buy this laptop in Pakistan at the lowest price of Rs.15000 to 17000 PKR. If you will install 8GB memory in it then you can play the highest games in it. You can also play PUBG and GTA 5 in it because it has 512 of graphic card.

I have installed windows 10 on it and installed this software in it but its performance is never slow.

  • Google Chrome
  • Adobe Photoshop 7.0
  • GTA San Andreas
  • Corwal Draw
  • Inpage
  • VLC Player
  • IDM

After installing this software while having 4GB of RAM and Windows 10 install its performance is good. You cannot open google chrome and Microsoft Edge browser same time if you have installed the same software and games. While having these all things my laptop RAM usage goes on 80% in use and CPU is in 10% use. Now, decide that is this laptop batter for you or not. Comment if you have any issues with it.

Written by Muhammad Saleem

Hi, I am Muhammad Saleem and belong to Islamabad, Pakistan. I share here the Technology News, Reviews and Guide users to Earn Online Money. I have good Experience in Article Writing and Technology Reviews & Guides.

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