Difference Between Price of iPhone 14 Pro Max PTA and Non-PTA Approved

Are you going to Pakistan to purchase the newest iPhone 14 Pro Max? If so, you need to be aware of the pricing differential between the PTA-approved and non-PTA-approved versions. You will receive in-depth information about the reasons for the pricing difference between the iPhone 14 Pro Max which is PTA-approved and non-PTA approved in this article.

With a constant focus on giving its customers the greatest goods, Apple is a leading technological advancement company. With intriguing features and specs, the most recent iPhone 14 Pro Max is a highly anticipated gadget. You should be aware of the costs of PTA-approved and non-PTA-approved models of the iPhone, though, before making a purchase. The pricing difference between the iPhone 14 Pro Max that has PTA approval and one that does not will be covered in this post, along with the reasons behind it.

Differnce Between Price of iPhone 14 Pro Max PTA and Non-PTA Approved

The taxes and levies levied by the Pakistani government are the main cause of the price difference between the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which is PTA certified, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which is not PTA authorized. All mobile gadgets in Pakistan, including iPhones, must now meet PTA approval regulations, according to the government. The PTA, or Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, is in charge of overseeing and regulating Pakistan’s telecommunications sector.

iPhones with PTA approval have the required certification and satisfy the technical standards established by the body. The certification procedure makes sure the gadgets are compatible with local networks and do not present any security issues. The use of non-PTA-authorised iPhones is prohibited in Pakistan because they lack the requisite certification.

Why do PTA-Approved iPhones Cost More?

As previously stated, taxes and duties are the cause of the price difference between iPhones that have PTA approval and those that do not. iPhones that have received PTA approval are subject to a number of taxes and duties, including regulatory duty, withholding tax, and sales tax. All imported mobile devices, including iPhones, must pay these taxes and customs.

Mobile device imports are now more expensive because the regulatory tariff on them was raised to 12.5% in the fiscal year 2020–21. The pricing difference between PTA-approved and non-PTA-approved iPhones is partly due to this rise in regulatory costs.

Comparison of Price of iPhone 14 Pro Max PTA and Non-PTA Approved

The PTA-approved iPhone 14 Pro Max costs approximately PKR 299,999, while the non-PTA-approved model costs approximately PKR 259,999. This indicates that the PTA-approved version costs about PKR 40,000 more than the version that isn’t PTA-approved.

ModelPrice (PKR)
iPhone 14 Pro Max PTA-Approved299,999
iPhone 14 Pro Max Non-PTA Approved259,999

Factors to Consider Before Buying iPhone 14 Pro Max

There are a few things you should think about before purchasing an iPhone 14 Pro Max. First and foremost, you must confirm that the device has PTA approval. Employing a non-PTA-approved gadget may have legal repercussions, such as the device being taken away and/or being fined.

The price difference between PTA-approved and non-PTA-approved versions should also be taken into account. The unapproved version might be less expensive if you are on a tight budget. However, bear in mind that employing a non-PTA-approved device can compromise your network’s security and trigger other problems.

Warranty and After-Sales Support

Warranty and post-purchase assistance are two additional things to take into account when purchasing an iPhone 14 Pro Max. The Apple official warranty, which covers any manufacturing flaws or hardware issues, is included with PTA-approved iPhones. However, non-PTA-approved iPhones lack an official guarantee, so in the event of a problem, you may need to rely on a repair service from a third party.

Also, Apple offers top-notch post-purchase support for its products, including software updates and repairs. Unfortunately, non-PTA-approved iPhones might not have access to this capability, which could cause compatibility problems and security threats.


It is advised to acquire an iPhone 14 Pro Max from authorized resellers who offer PTA-approved products. The genuineness of the products and compliance with PTA’s technical specifications are guaranteed by authorized resellers. Additionally, they offer legitimate warranties and post-purchase support for their products.

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