Egan Bernal’s partner at Ineos had an accident during training in Colombia

Egan Bernal’s accident has turn out to be a spotlight of consideration amongst all followers within the nation, to the purpose that the members of the Colombia Selection sent their voice of encouragement in these difficult times for the idol.

In the midst of the entire recovery process in which the Colombian rider finds himself, another Ineos cyclist, where Bernal plays, suffered an incident in the national territory.

The event occurred this Thursday, just three days after Egan suffered, also during a training session for several members of the British team on the country’s roads.

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Egan Bernal: which Ineos cyclist had an accident in training in Colombia

Colombian Brandon Rivera, Egan’s partner at Ineos, suffered an accident and, according to Semana magazine, around noon he was transferred to the La Sabana University Clinic, where Bernal is also located.

That medium added that Rivera arrived with another Ineos cyclist at that medical center and that he had blows to his left arm and collarbone, for which images were taken to rule out fractures.

Brandon Rivera is a 25-year-old cyclist who came to Ineos since 2020, the year in which he participated with the British squad in the Vuelta a España, although he left the competition.

This was the trill with which the specialized journalist Goga Ruiz Sandoval confirmed the new mishap that the cycling team had in Colombian territory.

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