Electric Bikes Pakistan | Price, Spec, Review

Electric Bike Pakistan
Electric Bike Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan introduced electric bikes in Pakistan. With this bike, we can save 4000 Pakistani rupees per month. Such an electric bike was recently launched in Pakistan but unfortunately, it did not last long and its name was lost.

Keeping in view the inflation in Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that poor people cannot afford petrol. Whenever they have to go somewhere, be it happiness or sorrow, they find the cost of petrol expensive. If we introduce electric bikes in Pakistan and people start using them in their normal use, it can reduce the cost of people and eliminate smoke and air pollution to motorcycles. When petrol is not used much, its rate will automatically start coming down.

Pakistani Electric Bikes Price, Spec & Reviews (Jolta eBike)

The first-ever bike in Pakistan is Jolta eBike JE-70 which is launched and available in Pakistan at a low price of Rs. 82,500 PKR. Its battery power is 20 AH and it can run at the highest speed of 60KMPH. It will charge 1.5 Units of electricity to charge the full battery. Users have to need to charge it all over the night. You can travel the distance of 80KM after a full charge on it. No Oil need, No Tunning Need and you have not Need to repair and tune the engine. JE-70 Electric bike price in Pakistan is Rs. 82,500 PKR.

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PriceRs. 82,500 PKR
ColorsRed, Black, Pink
TypeMoter Bike
BatteryPower: 20Ah
Unit Consumed:  1.5 Units
TypeLead Acid Battery
Motor Power1000W
Charging TimeOverNight
Battery Time 80Kms (Fully Charged)
FeatureECO Mode

You can buy this motorbike from Jolta Electric’s official site. Once the battery is fully charged you can travel 80KM distance in one time of charge in ECO mode. Electric bike in Pakistan has two colors which are Pink, Black and Red. The black color looks very beautiful. You can save your monthly fuel costs more than 4000 to 8000 PKR.

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