Fastest Train in the World | List of fastest trains 2021

Everyone can afford to travel but there are many people who prefer to travel very fast and as fast as possible. By the way, there are many similar vehicles, cars, planes, and trains in the world that can take you to your destination very quickly, but China has set a record for the fastest train in the world at that time. Most people value trains more than planes, cars, and buses. Because it is considered simple, comfortable, and safe.

The world’s first high-speed train was the “Shinkansen” which was introduced in 1964 in Japan on the Tōkaidō Shinkansen line. The Shinkansen had a Top speed of 210 KM/h ( 130.5 mph ). After introducing this train now many countries are working to make High-speed Train in the world. There are 25+ Top countries that have high-speed railway networks and many are planning to make a High-speed train with more new futures. We are listing below some high-speed trains in the world.

List of Top 10 Fastest Trains in the World 2021

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1ChinaShanghai Maglev431 km/h268 mph574 Seats
2ChinaHarmony CRH 380A350 km/h236 mph494 Seats
3ChinaFuxing Hao CR400AF/BF350 km/h249 mph1193 Seats
4JapanShinkansen H5 and E5320 km/h224 mph731 Seats
5ItalyITALO ETR 575310 km/h223 mph446 Seats
6SpainRenfe AVE310 km/h219 mph347 Seats
7Saudia ArabiaHaramain299 km/h217 mph417 Seats
8GermanyDeutsche Bahn ICE300 km/h203 mph830 Seats
9South KoreaKorail KTX305 km/h205 mph935 Seats
10United KingdomEurostar e320300 km/h200 mph902 seats

List of Top 5 Fastest trains in the World

5) ITALO ETR 575- ITALY: 300 Km/h (220 mph)

Italo ETR 575 is based on the technology of the latest and new generation and fastest operating train in Europe. There are two lines connecting the major cities of Italy with a total network length of 974 km (605 miles). AGV 575 has a theoretical top speed of 360 km/h (223.7 mph).

The train is built by Alstom AGV, and instead of having an engine at the front and rear is powered by axles throughout the rake making it very fast. It was first started running on the Naples to Milan route & later extended the service to Turin and Venice.

4) Shinkansen H5 / E5- Japan: 320 Km/h (224 mph)

World forth High-speed train is Shinkansen H5 and E5 with the Highest Speed of maximum of 300 Km/h. There are several models of bullet trains of which the H5 is the latest. Japan has other Shinkansen trains such as E5, E6, and H5 series and these are all easily capable of maintaining the 320 km/h (224 mph) top speed.

3) Fuxing Hao CR400AF / CR400BF – China: 350 Km/h (249 mph)

Fuxing Hao CR400AF/BF is the world’s third-fastest train which is in China. It has two beautiful colored models. The “Blue/Red Dolphin” is CR400AF and the “Golden Phoenix” is CR400BF. This Train runs between Shanghai and Beijing in just five hours with a capacity for over 550 passengers at one time. Their top speed during testing is even more impressive (494 km/h) 307/mph.

Fuxing Hao CR400AF average operating speed is 350km/h, while the maximum speed is 400km/h. The “CR” stands for China Railway. This train is in the 3rd position in the world with a speed of up to 236/mph on routes are connecting Shanghai with Nanjing and Hangzhou, & Wuhan with Guangzhou.

2) Harmony CRH 380A: 350 km/h (236.5 mph)

It is the World’s second Chinese Electric High-speed train which was developed by CSR Corporation Limited. CRH 380A operates from Beijing to Shanghai & provides daily service along with the Wuhan to Guangzhou route. Harmony CRH 380A can run at a maximum speed of 379.9 km or ( 236.12 MPH ). it was put into operation in October 2010.

in December 2010, on the Shanghai-Hangzhou intercity high-speed railway, The electric multiple units (EMU) set a record by speeding at 486.1kmph in its trail operation. If the regulations allow, this train might be the first to hit 486 km/h in commercial service. The Harmony CRH 380A trains can carry up to 494 passengers at a time. If you like to travel and want to shows a view of the running train then this train offers a VIP sightseeing section near the driver’s cabin where You can enjoy the view of the running train.

1) Shanghai Maglev Train: 431 km/h (268 mph), China

China is the first country in the world that has made the World’s fastest Maglev “Shanghai” with the fastest speed (268 mph) 431 km/h. This train has now shortened the long journey. A train can go up to 350 kilometers per hour (217 miles per hour) in 2 minutes, after which the maximum normal operation speed is 431 kilometers per hour (268 miles per hour).

they Charge $ 8 per person, Maglev runs about 19 miles from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Longyang Metro Station on the outskirts of Shanghai. Construction of the line began on March 1, 2001. And after working on it for almost three years, it was launched on January 1, 2004, for public commercial services.

The Shanghai Maglev is 153 meters (502 feet) long, 4.2 meters (14 feet) high, 3.7 meters (12 feet) wide, and has three classes, 574 passengers configurations easily. The Shanghai Transpired project took (US$1.33 bn) and three years to complete. very Wonderful thing is that this train has no wheels and this train rn on the magnetic process.

Final Word:

These were the top 5 fastest train lists in the world. China has the world’s fastest speed train called “Shanghai Maglev”. This Train speed is 431 Km/h which is the top in all world. If we look for 2nd or 3rd Number fastest trains in the world then we will see Only China. We will try to write more about other trains like 10+ Trains in the world. I hope that you will like this post and you will get Good Information.

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