Hani Baloch Student Murder Case, Death Reason in Pakistan

Hani Baloch student murder case.

The real cause of the death of Hani Baloch has come to light. Hani Baloch, a student at a Pakistani university, is said to have been killed. Many people are raising this news against Pakistan so that the image of Pakistan can be tarnished. But after all this, his cousin Aurangzeb said in an interview that we were protesting on the street outside when the police arrested all the students.

Hani Baloch’s health deteriorated after a long stay in jail and he was rushed to a nearby hospital. But she could not recover and died. Many people are spreading this news in the wrong way to discredit Pakistan.
Many say police opened fire during the sit-in, killing them. Many people have also said that Hani Baloch Stunt’s health deteriorated during the sit-in, which led to his death.

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