Hidayat Khilji Arrested For Raping Leaked Video Scandal

Quetta police announced on Thursday the arrest of two suspects, led by Halji and his brother Khalil, who were arrested in Quetta on charges of kidnapping, raping and making pornographic videos of two girls. #HIDAYAT_THE_RAPIST became popular on social media after the girl’s video went viral on the internet, causing panic across the country.

During a press conference in Quetta, police “do it yourself” said the woman had been released and that her brother Khalil had filed a case of kidnapping his two daughters and sharing their pornographic videos on social media. Another society.

Hidayat Khilji Arrested For Raping Leaked Video Scandal

Authorities took immediate action and arrested the accused and instituted court proceedings. Pornographic films with girls have also been found on laptops, cell phones and other devices found by police.

The directive is believed to cover groups that recruit girls to have sex with. The girl was drunk before being sexually abused by a group and even made a porn movie of a girl who later used pencils.


Quetta: Hidayat Khilji Harassment scandal Full HD leaked Video Viral

Police also seized computers, cell phones and other items from the suspects. More than 200 girls are said to be responsible for the abuse, but DIG police denied the allegations and said more women were quoted on social media.

The incident sparked outrage on Twitter with the hashtag #HIDAYAT_THE_RAPIST, where network users expressed outrage over the incident, recruited the girl and directed and demanded justice and a harsh sentence for her brother.




Hidayat Khilji Leaked Video Scandel & Pictures

Barrow added that the wrong photo and photos of the two young girls were published at various stages. “We immediately took action against the suspects and arrested them and presented evidence against them,” he said. Do-It-Yourself police said computers, cell phones and other items were seized from their property, adding that the group, including police, is investigating.

He also dismissed news on online media about the increase in the number of women mentioned on social media for abducting women and made inappropriate recordings in their hands. The credit for Hidayat Halejee’s arrest was handed down on October 3 when police said they had arrested a large group involved in the forcible murder of young women involved and the filming of their pornographic recordings.

Journalists in Quetta told homemade police that the woman had reported to the police about the abduction of her two daughters. He claimed that the direction had disappeared and that his sister Halil had stolen them.

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