How to Increase Your Mobile Phone Battery Life

Friends, if you have a mobile phone and you are very worried about the battery performance of the mobile phone, then don’t worry, because today I have come up with some tips for you to improve the battery timing of your mobile phone. Can increase a lot and at the same time, you have been able to use the internet package a lot.

Screen Brightness (Auto)

Cell phone battery is low due to high screen light. If your mobile phone battery is bothering you too much, keep your cell phone light low. It will increase a lot۔ iPhone consumes 54% less battery in an hour, while the Android phone consumes 30% less battery.

Keep Location OFF

GPS consumes more battery and it can heat your Mobile phone. So, keep Turn OFF Your mobile phone GPS if You have no need it. Go to your Mobile phone settings and then Click on Location. Now you can Turn OFF or ON GPS and Can allow or diallow access to apps.

How to Turn Off Location in Android Mobile

  • Open your android mobile settings and click on “Connections”
  • Click on Location button and toggle the switch to off.
  • If you did not find these settings then these settings can be avail in “Privacy” option.

Don’t Installing Unsecured or Unsigned Apps & Games

Sometimes, you install some apps or games in your mobile that run in the background. You don’t know anything about them but they keep accessing your data and location. So it is important to stop them. You can also uninstall them by going to the mobile settings and if you want to use them you must block their access, and you can block their access by going to the settings of this app or game.

Stop Installing unsecure Apps in Android

You can stop unsecure and unsigned applications by using this method

  • Go to Mobile Settings
  • Find “Lock Screen and Security” option
  • Now open these settings and look for the “Unknown Sources” option.
  • Tap “Unknown Sources” and toggle the switch to off.

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Turn OFF Wireless Connections

You must use the internet when you need information about something from your mobile phone. And you can run this internet either through Wi-Fi or mobile data. But did you know that you often forget to turn off your cell phone data, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth? And you don’t know all of them, which is why your mobile battery runs out very quickly.
To save your mobile battery, turn it off immediately after using your mobile’s Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and data.

Turn OFF Sync

When you enter the Google or Play Store ID in your mobile, your Mobile data, numbers and much more is automatically sync online in your mobile. As a result, your data is used a lot and at the same time the battery of the mobile will be runs out very quickly.

How to Turn OFF Auto SYNC in Android

Turn OFF auto Sync setting using following method:

⦁ Go to Mobile Settings
⦁ Search for Cloud and Accounts Options and Click on it
⦁ Click on Accounts and then Click on Google
⦁ Now, You can see Sync options
⦁ Turn OFF all Settings except contacts or which you have need
⦁ It will save Your Mobile Data and Mobile Battery

Play Store Auto Updates Keep OFF

It is most important setting that you should must do on your mobile phone. When You sign in to your Playstore then there is Auto update option. From this your apps and games will be automaticly start updating and downloading without your permission. from it, Your Mobile Battery will be down very fast. it is the best post How to Increase Your Mobile Phone Battery Life.

How to Stop Auto Updates in Google Play store

To Turn off Play store auto updates and auto video play option use this Method:

⦁ Go to Google Play store
⦁ Now, Go to its settings by click on menu option on the left side corner
⦁ click on settings button
⦁ Now, Click on Auto-Updates Apps option
⦁ Select the Last option “Don’t auto-updates apps”
⦁ save settings and then click on Auto-play videos
⦁ Now select iots last option “Don’t auto-play videos” and save.

These were the some basic settings for a Andoid Mobile that you should must know. by using these Tips Your Android mobile phone battery will not drop quickly. You can increase your Mobile battery timing and make long life of it. I hope will like this post How to Increase Your Mobile Phone Battery Life.

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