How to withdraw Ehsaas Cash from HBL ATM (Rs. 12000)

How to get Ehsaas Emergency Cash from HBL ATM. The second installment of the Ehsas Kafalat program has arrived. People who once received Rs 12,000 from the Ehsas program can now get up to Rs 12,000 again this way. If you don’t know how to do all this, read our full post in which we will teach you how to withdraw money from HBL for the Ehsas program.

What is Ehsas Kafalat Program

Many people in Pakistan have lost their jobs due to coronavirus, which makes it difficult for the poor to get even two meals a day. The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has introduced a program called Ehsas Program for all those whose work has sunk due to this or they are not looking for a job. This will provide assistance of up to Rs. 12,000 to all such persons.

This will allow them to control their household expenses. The program once sent 12,000 people, but there were still many who were having trouble registering and their thumbs were not being verified biometrically. Now again all those who have newly registered can get Rs 9000 to Rs 12000 under this program.

How to Collect Ehsaas Program money from Bank

To collect money from Ehsaas Program you will need to go to HBL ATM there you will get your Ehsas program money. To collect the money from HBL ATM use the below-given method.

How to Get Ehsaas Emergency Cash from HBL ATM

First of all, go to HBL ATM with your CNIC and use the below-given method. You will not need of HBL ATM Card you can withdraw money only with your fingerprints.

  1. Go to the HBL ATM
  2. Press the Green Key or any Button
  3. Select the language Urdu or English
  4. Click on Ehsas Kafalat Program
  5. Enter your CNIC number
  6. Place your thumb over the biometric device
  7. click on Cash withdraw
  8. Enter the amount and tape on entering button
  9. you will get Your Ehsas Program money in your hands.

Now i will tell you this all step by step.

Take Cash from HBL ATM of Ehsas Kafalat Program.

  • Go to HBL ATM and take your CNIC in your hand
  • Press on Green button or any of other buttons for go to Menu options
  • Select the language which you want.
  • After this here will be a new menu will be opened where you have to select Ehsas Kafalat Program “احساس کفالت پروگرام program option and then next.
  • after this, it will ask you your CNIC number. Write your 13 digits CNIC number carefully and then click on Enter button.
  • when you will enter your CNIC number then it will say you to place the thumb over the biometric device which will be attached with this ATM.
  • biomatric machine will look like this.
  • Now after successful matched your fingerprints it will go to the next option where you will be entered in your Ehsas program account. Now you can check your payment and you can withdraw money here.
  • If you will not see any option then you will not register In Ehsas program. it will say you that you fingerprint not matched. so, contact to the Ehsas program office.
  • Now we will go to our account menu which will show you same this as shown in picture.
  • Tape on the first option where you will see the withdrawal option. when you will click on it it will ask you the payment amount.
  • Write the amount 12000 or 9000 how much you have received.

if you did not know how to check recent payments then click on the 3rd option balance inquiry it will show the current balance. Now write the amount and press the enter button. Now you can take your money into your hands.

If you want to get money then visit regularly here. when new announce declare we will publish it here.

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