Jazz Prepaid Job Alert Offer – Get Job Messages In Your Jazz SIM

Jazz is proving Jazz job alert in which customers can get Jobs alerts on their mobile phones. You can find international jobs alert on your phone after subscribing to this offer. Simply Send ‘Sub’ to 5622 and activate this offer. Select the Job category and your city. Customer can unsubscribe from this offer by sending Send ‘UnSub’ to 5622.

Jazz Prepaid Job Alert Offer

Category Activation Method
Matric job alerts Send “MAT” to 5622
Graduate job alerts Send “GRAD” to 5622
Women job alerts Send  “WOM” to 5622
Training alerts Send  “TA” to 5622
Career Match Quiz Send  “CM” to 5622
Salary Info Quiz Send  “SI” to 5622
Enable Career Tips Send “ON” to 5622
Disable Career Tips Send “OFF” to 5622
Keywords List Send “HELP” to 5622

How to Setup Job Profile on Jazz SIM?

When you will use this method to activate the job alert system you will need to set up your profile. So, reply with the below-given commands.

  1. All
  2. Sales & Marketing
  3. Prod/Ops/Engineering
  4. Finance
  5. HR & Admin
  6. IT
  7. Medical
  8. Education

B) You will need to select your desire city and location where you want to get Job. We will recommend submitting all cities Jobs because from this you will get the fastest Job for you.

  1. All
  2. Islamabad/Rawalpindi
  3. Lahore
  4. Karachi
  5. Other

Send ‘SI’ to 5622 and get the salary information by entering your experience, Job category and education. You will receive the Job salary in USD and PKR price. So, Don’t forget to do so.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Click here to read the new terms and conditions
  • To Unsubscribe from this offer by sending Send ‘UnSub’ to 5622.

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