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Jazz vs Zong Internet Packages by price, Internet Speed and Mb. Which network provides the fastest internet and which of these network packages are cheaper. Today we will compare the internet packages of Jazz and Zong here and also review the limit and speed of their internet connections. Zong vs jazz internet packages are listed below and you also check their price and validity. If you want to select one of these two networks but you want to select one of these good networks then read this post in full.

1 April 2008, Paktel was rebranded to Zong. Zong is a China Telecom network that was found in Pakistan in 2008 after obtaining a GSM license. In Pakistan, the network provided every possible service to its customers and invested US $2 billion in Pakistan to further its network. Zong currently uses GSM, UMTS / HSPA + and LTE technologies. China’s most famous telecom company was the first to license a 4G network in Pakistan and became the No. 1 4G network in Pakistan. Because it was the first to license a 4G network so, it gets attracted millions of Pakistanis.

Jazz is Pakistan’s four G network, founded in 1994. This network is mostly used for making calls in Pakistan. Because the GSM coverage of this network is very good, its signals are present in every corner of Pakistan. Most business people choose this network to make calls. This network also tested the 5G network in which its internet speed was noted to be 1.5Gbps. It is hoped that this network will soon bring 5G service to Pakistan.

Compare Jazz & Zong Network

From January 2019 to March 2019 An internet speed survey was conducted out of which Jazz’s internet speed was 4849.53kbps, while Zong internet speed was noted to be 6007.40 kbps. Its minimum internet speed of 256Kbps is required. In the 3G internet speed test, Zong was the top network.

When comparing the speed of 4G internet, according to this survey, Jazz was the number 4 4G network. The survey required a minimum Internet speed of 2Mbps, of which Jazz’s Internet Speed was noted as 21.17 Mbps and Zong’s as 12.56 Mbps. The survey was conducted in D.J.Khan, Peshawar, Larkana, Nawabshah, Shikarpur, Jacobabad, Sahiwal, Bhakkar, Jhang, Pakistan.

Jazz vs Zong Internet Packages

We will now compare the internet packages of these two networks. All packages are provided for information only. We are not doing any network harm here. We will now compare the internet packages of these two networks. All packages are provided for information only. We are not doing any network harm here. The price and duration of use of Jazz and Wing Internet packages will be compared to make it easier for people using these networks to choose Internet packages and the best service.

Jazz Vs Zong Comparison Of Daily Internet Package

Jazz has a one-day internet package which cost Rs.28 PKR and its best thing is that it will expire in 24 Hours. If someone subscribes to this offer then this will be expired in 24 Hours. But Zong has also a good future that it is providing 200 MB extra then Jazz. Zong offers 1200MBs in Rs.18 PKR and it can be used from Morning 4 AM to Evening 7 PM for 1 Day.

NetworkResourcesPriceActivation CodeValidity
Jazz1000MBRs.28Dial *117*4#1 Day
(24 Hours)
Zong1200MBRs.18Dial *247# or send “DTO” to 64641 Day
(4 AM-7 PM)

Weekly Internet Packages Comparison

Now we will take a look at weekly internet offers on both networks. Jazz is offering 25GB data in Rs.275 PKR and Zong is offering 15GB and 15GB for YouTube in Rs.223 PKR. If you use more YouTube then Zong is the best network instead of Jazz. Also, Jazz and Zong has more packages at different prices and different resources.

NetworkResourcesPriceActivation CodeValidity
Jazz25GBRs.275*Dial 453#7 Days
Zong15GB +
(15GB YouTube)
Rs. 223Dial *220#7 Days

Monthly Internet Packages Comparison

Monthly Internet bundles of Zong and Jazz are very different from each other. Jazz is offering 10GB+(10GB 2 am – 2 pm) at the cheapest price of Rs.499 PKR. Zong is offering 15GB of data for the internet and 15GB of data for YouTube and the TikTok app. Every network has different packages and different internet rates.

NetworkResourcesPriceActivation CodeValidity
Jazz10GB+(10GB 2am – 2pm)Rs.499Dial *117*32#30 Days
Zong15GB + 15GB YouTube & TikTokRs. 744Dial *6464#30 Days

I have described Jazz VS Zong internet packages. Now it is your own choice that which network is the best. if you are looking for the cheapest internet package then Jazz is offering 20GB of data for Rs.499 PKR. These rates and resources are for the current date and time it can be changed in the future. We do have not to guarantee that this information is 100% correct. You can also check these network official websites and can get the latest updates.

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