Maryam Nawaz New Audio Voice Leaked for GEO & Dunya News

maryam nawaz audio leaked

Conversing with the media outside the Islamabad High Court, Maryam Nawaz gathered together the inquiry in regards to the sound tape. Maryam Nawaz likewise gathered together the inquiry in regards to the nonpartisanship of the Establishment with regards to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa nearby body races. Imran Khan No power on the planet can uphold the exhibition of Imran Khan. Imran Khan is overpowered by his exhibition, Maulana’s triumph is our triumph, Nawaz Sharif will return soon.

It could be reviewed that last month likewise a sound tape of Maryam was spilled in which she was giving subtleties of giving guidelines to the proprietor of Geo and the proprietor of Dunya News. Afterward, while affirming the sound, Maryam had said that her voice was in the sound tape however she was giving guidelines viewing party notices as the top of the party’s media cell. It ought to be noticed that Maryam Nawaz’s admission The public authority later declared an examination against him.

Maryam Nawaz New Audio Voice Leaked

In the brief snippet, Maryam is heard telling somebody, “Dekhi hai meri media the management. Geo aur Duniya walon ne to unki jai tai phair di hai. (Have you seen my media the board abilities. Geo and Dunya News channels have run them down.)

The clasp that surfaced as of late has been making adjustments over the web. On Tuesday, as Maryam Nawaz held a media talk outside the Islamabad High Court, a SAMAA TV columnist over and over got some information about the new brief snippet. The clasp was additionally played for the PMLN pioneer. In any case, Maryam Nawaz Sharif sidestepped the inquiry while party representative Marriyum Aurangzeb was hindered by saying “an excessive number of inquiries have been posed.” Maryam left without replying.

Minister Fawad Chaudhry Said:

Government Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry said Maryam Nawaz has made another blunder. “Maryam has consistently helped us whenever we were in a tough spot.” “We have consistently admired her and she has never baffled us,” he said adding that this time again she had made an error.

Prior to November, Maryam Nawaz affirmed the genuineness of a sound bite that uncovered that Maryam Nawaz had given directions to stop government commercials to choose TV channels, including SAMAA. Subsequent to affirming at a public interview that the voice in the sound bite was hers, the PMLN confronted solid analysis.

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