Multan Timber Market, Black Market, & Bike Markets

While living in Pakistan, sometimes you must have come across its beloved and oldest city Multan. If you have not visited this city then it could happen in the future. If you don’t know about Multan city and you want to know about it, I have already told you here about Multan’s mobile and computer markets and clothing, and footwear market.

Multan Timber Market, Black Market, & Bike Markets

Here I am providing you the list of the famous Timber market where you can buy all types of furniture, Black market (Low price Market), and Bike buys and sale market. This city has been going on for many centuries. The elders say that other cities of Pakistan have been destroyed many times before the independence of Pakistan and also have been settled many times. But today the Multan city is in the same condition as it was hundred years ago.

This city is also called the land of saints because there are thousands of shrines of saints here which are many centuries old. The most famous places are here “Haram Gate, Daulat Gate, Bohr Gate”, and Cantt which are still in their old condition. People from abroad come to see its oldest places and other ancient places and shrines in Multan.

1. Multan Timber Market

Here I will tell you about some other markets in Multan city of Pakistan so that your knowledge can be further enhanced. If you want to buy furniture for your room or office, etc., I will tell you about the timber market in Multan. This market is located at a distance of 5 km from Multan Cantt on the east side of Yousuf Raza Gilani Flyover. Many years have passed since this market was established.

In the Timber market, there are more than 500 workshops and showrooms where old and new furniture are available. If you come to Multan from Bahawalpur or Karachi side, you can come here from the railway station in the same way as coming from Multan Cantt. Because the railway station in Multan is located in Cantt.

There are many ways to get to enter this market. As you descend the flyover, the Timber Market first gate is on the ’22 number Chungi’. In addition, its second door is located at a distance of 100 meters from it. From this market, you can buy all kinds of furniture at wholesale rates. There are more than 10 workers in a shop here in all markets. Because this work is a little hard and laborious, it requires a lot of labor to work and to cut wood or make the furniture. School furniture, beds for home, wardrobes, sofa sets, and all kinds of furniture are made on order in this market.

2. Multan Old Bazaar

This market is also called the black market. It is held every Friday from Shaheen Market in Multan to Ghanta Ghar. From this market, you get everything cheap and sustainable. Local People and shopkeepers who have spare parts come here to sell imported goods.

This is not a professional market and there are no shops to keep products in shops, so people sell their goods on and around the road. Thousands of people come here to buy and sell things. In this market, you can find electronics, machines, household items like utensils, etc. at affordable prices.

The bazaar in Multan is open from 9 am to 5 pm and is open only once a week on Fridays. Old hands-free, headphones, mobile phones, computer equipment, motorcycle equipment, and many more products are available.

3. Old books and magazines

There are some markets in Multan where you can buy new and old magazines, books, etc. One of these markets is towards BCG Chowk where new and old school books, magazines, and other storybooks are available.

This market is located in front of BC Chowk. There are more than 20 book centers where you can buy all kinds of copies, books, and magazines. If you are in Multan Cantt, you will never find these things and it is very difficult to buy books here. Book markets and centers have not yet been established here. The largest market in Multan is near the shaheen market from which you can sell and buy copies and books at wholesale prices. There are more than 300 dealers in this market from which you can buy books and copies.

4. Buy and sell motorcycles or bikes

If you want to sell your motorcycle/bike then in Multan here is the largest market which called “Gujjar Khadda”. This market is located in the east of Multan Cantt. One of the roads leads to the airport and the road to the east leads to Shaheen Market which I have mentioned above.

There are more than 50 dealers in this market who buy and sell new and used motorcycles. If you want to buy a cheap motorcycle for yourself, you must visit this market located east of Multan Cantt Market. You can get a good and cheap ride for yourself. If you need spare parts of your bike then you can buy them from the market which is established on the second road which is located below Yousef Raza Gilani Flyover.

These all places are very famous in Multan. If you live in Multan, Pakistan then you should remember these places. I hope you have a good understanding of these markets. You can visit these markets and send us more information in the comment box below. Stay tuned to our website for the latest updates.

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