Prepaid & Postpaid 3G/4G Internet, SMS, Calls & WIFI Packages (Updates 2021)

There are 5 different types of networks in Pakistan. Every customer needs information about the packages of the company providing their current service. Which we provide to the user with a complete update. You can get complete information about call hacks, SMS packages, internet packages, and Wi-Fi packages by selecting your network from here.

Information of Jazz, Zong, Telenor, Ufone, and Warid packages, their WhatsApp packages, 3G, 4G packages, internet settings are updated here. Pakistan’s telecom companies have chained their customers too many packages and it becomes difficult for the consumer to guess which packages are going to be good for him. So you can get your custom package from here without wasting any time.

All Networks Packages of Call, SMS, Internet & Wifi Offers

From the content below, you can select your existing network and get the package information. New SIM offers, old SIM offers, and free offers are given according to call, SMS, and internet source provider.

Jazz Packages

Jazz is the Pakistani No.1 network because it is the first-ever network that has 60 million users. Most Pakistani people use this network because of its trust and cheap packages. In thousands of cities in Pakistan, Jazz always came No.1 comparing the call packages. Jazz always tries to introduce new and best packages which meet users’ requirements. Here is the list of Jazz SMS, Internet, Call, and single Packages that we update regularly.

Network Packages
Jazz & Warid Packages Jazz Call Packages
Jazz & Warid Packages Jazz SMS Packages
Jazz & Warid Packages Jazz Internet Packages
Jazz & Warid Packages Jazz Internet Settings
Jazz & Warid Packages Jazz Postpaid Packages
Jazz & Warid Packages Jazz 4G Device Packages
Jazz & Warid Packages SIM Lagao Offer

Zong Packages 2021

Zong is China company that was introduced in Pakistan in 2008. The company invested a lot of money in Pakistan and in a few years gained huge profits and customers all over Pakistan. Zong has also tested 5G in Pakistan and hopes to be the first to conduct 5G in Pakistan as before. Recently, Zong has introduced high-speed internet packages to its customers which are very much appreciated by the customers.

Zong launched a completely free call-in Multan to benefit its customers, which is still working today. With this offer, customers get 100 call minutes daily which can be used from Zong to Zong. Zong 3000 Minutes Monthly Package gives customers a month of carefree care so you don’t have to package over and over again in case of any hassle. With Pakistan’s fastest internet, customers can get 1500 MB from Zong’s daily internet offer which can be activated at a load of Rs. In addition to all these packages, Zong also played a significant role in its SMS packages. This allows users to stay in touch with their friends, relatives, and loved ones through the monthly SMS package.