Pakistan will Develop There Own Social Network App

Following this policy of WhatsApp, the government of Pakistan has decided that it will soon create a social app like WhatsApp within the same year. Which the people of Pakistan will be able to use without any hassle.

Developers were called in to create this app and their feedback was sought. After this, the IT Minister of Pakistan has said that they are going to develop their own messaging app in Pakistan.

It will be very strong in terms of privacy. Right now, people’s data will be safe from this app and will not be leaked anywhere. It will be in very strong hands. So that no country’s technology can steal data from the people of Pakistan.

Pakistani Social Network App Like Whatsapp

At that time, WhatsApp was widely used all over the world. But under the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, many people from all over the world have installed WhatsApp from their mobile phones. They are going to share people’s data names and other information with Facebook under their privacy policy.

Like WhatsApp, Pakistan is going to create its own app. Which will allow any Pakistani user or any Pakistani person to easily create an account on this app after verifying their ID card number and mobile numbers. Its data will be completely safe.

With this app you can easily make video calls to anyone, you can chat, easily share documents, audio, and video files with anyone.

With more features and better security than what you get in WhatsApp, you will find it in the Pakistani Own Social network messaging app. After its test, and after its completion, it will be launched all over Pakistan soon.


  • User will register by CNIC number and mobile number verification
  • All messages and chatting history secured and encrypted
  • This app would have all the features which are currently in Whatsapp
  • User will be able to send and receive Audio and Video Calls
  • You can make Groups as in Whatsapp
  • Data will be secure and it will never for sale as other companies.
  • The information, Messages, Calls, and Pictures encrypted.

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