Pakistani Model Nayab Nadeem killed At Her Home

Pakistani Model Nayab Nadeem killed At Her Home

She was killed after breaking into the house of a famous model in Lahore. Police suspect that 29-year-old Nayab Nadeem was strangled to death. According to Dawn News, Nayab’s brother has lodged a report in the police station in this murder case and after that investigation has been started.

Nayyar Nisar, SHO, Defense B Police Station, Lahore, said the model may have been strangled to death, but more details will be known only after a report is received. Nayab’s brother said in the report that Nayab lived alone in his house and he used to visit there daily in Defense. Nayab’s brother left his sister Nayab at home on July 9 at 12 midnight after feeding her ice cream from the Gulbark area.

Nayab’s brother’s name is Muhammad Ali and he said that when I returned to my sister’s house in the middle of the night on July 9, I found him dead there. In addition, the window of his washroom was broken and Nayab had severe bruises on his neck. He said that perhaps the killer had broken the bathroom window to kill the rare one.

Nayab was not married and lived alone at home. Earlier in May, a Pakistani-born British woman was killed in Lahore. Earlier in 2016, Pakistani model Qandil Baloch was also killed. Qandil was killed by his brother, who has been sentenced to life in prison.

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