Prince Alwaleed Bin Khaled Bin Talal is in Coma Since 2005

Saudia: Prince Alwaleed Bin Khaled Bin Talal is in a coma since 2005. He was fell into a coma after a car accident in 2005 and he has not yet recovered. Her aunt Princess Reema bint Talal shared a video and prayed that God would heal you, restore your health and get you out of this situation soon. He is known as “Sleeping Prince“.

This video shows Prince Alwaleed Saudi covered with a Saudi flag and attached to a life support machine. Remember that Prince Alwaleed Saudi has been in a coma for 16 years. Prince Alwaleed is the nephew of Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

Prince Khalid, the father of Prince Alwaleed Saudi, says that one day someone asked him if his son had been in the hospital for so many years and was stuck with machines, so why don’t you take out the tools from your son? So he took a deep breath and replied that what God wants happens. There is nothing I can do if it is God’s will. Maybe, God willing, my son would be in the grave today, but it is better for me that he is in front of my eyes even though he is in a coma.

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