PTCL Fiber Optic Internet Packages 2021

PTCL Fiber Optic Internet Packages 2021. You can check the PTCL new connection charges for 2021 here. PTCL is the most famous largest broadband and fiber internet connection provider in Pakistan. This network is available in all Pakistan whoever it is available in villages and all cities. This network is very widespread in Pakistan. PTCL has many internet packages of broadband and now it has launched fiber internet connections.

PTCL has provided its services in more than 2000 cities. If you are looking for a PTCL CharJe device then it is also available on PTCL official website. From this device, you can use the internet on mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. Its benefit is that you can put it in your pocket and can use it anywhere in Pakistan. Its cheapest internet plan price is Rs.1000 PKR per month and you can get this connection in Rs.5000 installation charges.

If you are new and want to get a new connection then you have to need to call their helpline. If you already have a broadband & Wifi device then its installation charges are 2,499 PKR. It is a first-time installation charge and next time you will be charged only monthly fees. PTCL fiber internet is available from 8Mbps to 100Mbps speed. All package prices and speeds are given below that you can compare by your requirements and can choose the best connection.

PTCL Fiber Internet Connection Details

PTCL Fiber Internet Price Monthly
Fiber 8Mbps plan Rs. 2,249 /month
Fiber 15Mbps plan Rs. 2,749 /month
PTCL Fiber 25Mbps plan Rs. 3,299 /month
Fiber 50Mbps plan Rs. 5,099 /month
Fiber 100Mbps plan Rs. 7,599 /month

PTCL fiber 8Mbps internet connection monthly price is Rs.2,499 PKR. The real internet speed is 2Mbps to 3Mbps that we have tested. If you have a broadband connection or you want to compare broadband and Fiber connection then the broadband 8Mbps connection’s actual speed will 1Mbps to 2Mbps.

PTCL fiber 15Mbps internet connection price is Rs.2,749 PKR per month. First-time installation charges are Rs.5000 including package and if you already have cable then its installation charges will be 2,499 PKR. Visit the PTCL official website to activate its plans at your home, workplace, or office. 15Mbps connection actual speed is recorded in Islamabad as 3Mbps to 4.5Mbps. Fiber connection is faster and sometimes its speed goes up like if you have a 15Mbps connection activated then you can get an actual speed of 15Mbps to 50Mbps speed.

Fiber 100Mbps connection price is Rs.7,599/month. This package installation charge is Rs.5000 PKR first time only. If you want to install a TV connection with a phone line and a broadband connection is available already at your location then PTCL will give you 40% off. 100Mbps connection speed in Pakistan was noted below 15Mbps and above 13Mbps. You can test internet speed on our provided tool that is given in the menu bar. 100Mbps connection usage is unlimited that can be used at your home, office, and any workplace.

With a PTCL Wifi router, customers can use more than 10 devices at the same time. If you want to use the internet for your business in which you have to use more than 12 devices, you can get a specific device from PTCL. It allows you to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi and cable. You will also need a large internet connection to use more devices. You can install any plan above 50mbps. If after activating the plan you feel that your internet is running slow according to your work, you will have to inform PTCL at the time of next month’s renewal that they will turn on the high-speed internet connection this time. There will be no further advance fees. All you have to do is pay for the package.

How to get PTCL Fiber new connection?

Call at 0512181218 or visit the PTCL website for a new connection order.

What is the PTCL Fiber Helpline Number?

PTCL helpline number is 1218.

Does PTCL provide a TV Connection with Broadband?

If customers want to activate a TV connection then they need to activate a triple play connection. With PTCL triple play connection customers can get Internet, Phone, and Smart TV. Its installation charges are Rs.5000 including tax.

Is Netflex Free on PTCL?

In past, PTCL and Netflix become the partner. All users who have a broadband connection can enjoy free Netflix. To watch the TV you must have a TV box that is available on the PTCL website.

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