Qatar Visa Open for Pakistani 2021 | Visa on Arrival

Qatar visa open for Pakistani 2021. Qatar frees visas for Pakistanis Now all Pakistanis who used to apply for visas to visit their relatives and friends in Qatar no longer need to apply for visas. Now the visa to go to Qatar from Pakistan has been made free. Qatar work visas for Pakistani 2021 are now opened and you can get them from the Visa agencies.


Qatar Visa On Arrival For Pakistan Passport | Qatar Visa Open for Pakistani 2021

For all Pakistanis, the Qatar Visa is not more needed to arrive in Qatar. Just Go to the Airpot and get an arrival Visa which approximately costs about 5000 Qatar riyal and Pakistani 2 Lakhs.

All you need to do is have a passport and Qatar Airlines tickets. There is no need to obtain Qatar Business Visa or Visit Visa, Qatar Job Visa, Travel Entertainment Visa in Qatar. You will need QR5,000 in hand and a debit card to travel to Qatar. You can now get a 30-day visit visa at the airport. Qatar Azad Visa price in Pakistan 2021 in 200,000 to 500,000 PKR. The price may be different so, we did not guaranty this price. Qatar 3 months visit visa price in Pakistan is 100,000 PKR which is not fixed. It can be changed anytime in the future.

How to avail Visa on Arrival for Pakistani Passport

Here are different types of Visa on arrival for Pakistani passports. You can read them here. Go to the Visa agency and ask them about the Visa of Qatar. First of all, you will never need to buy Visa. Buy the tickets from airlines of Qatar and arrive at the airport at the time. Visit the visa on arrival counter to get the entry stamp. Check out the more Qatar Visa Open for Pakistani 2021.

Qatar Visa requirements from Pakistan

  • The passengers must have a valid or original passport at least 6 months or more
  • To get Arrival Visa the passenger’s must have return tickets
  • Passenger must have hotel reservation or any living place proofs
  • Should have a certificate of vaccination against polio
  • Passenger must have a Credit Card and QR5,000 cash in hands

Visa Information Pakistan to Qatar

Visa Type Visa on Arrival
Processing Time Immediately (On the Doha Airport)
Application Fees About $20 to $100

Is there any Qatar Visa Rejection Appeal from Pakistan?

No, There is no appeal process.

Is there any Qatar Visa from the Pakistan Tracking system?

No, In Visa on Arrival is not required.

What is the price of a Qatar 3 Months Visa?

Qatar 3 monthly visit visa price in Pakistan is 100,000 PKR which is not fixed.

Does Visa required in Visa Arrival?

No, Just take the tickets to go to Qatar.


All the provided information is prepaid with mostly care. we have collected all the information from the source of internet and current time price. It can be different in the future. You can Check the more Visa from easypakistan.

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