Steam Deck Handheld or Pc: Which Should You Choose?

Video games have taken worldwide by storm. Certain people are enthralled by them, while others aren’t fond of them. It’s all based on your preferences. One of the most heated debates that have been circulating is whether you should buy the latest PC, or just purchase a Steam Deck portable gaming console. The Steam Deck has caused a number of debates in the gaming industry which has led people to make a decision on the most suitable gaming console for them to purchase.

I know I know! It’s not an actual gaming console, but If you have a premium gaming computer, then you could make use of it for two reasons. The first is when your job demands a significant amount of power or you are someone who is simple to play the latest Hogwarts Legacy game. However, the main question that you could be asking is what is the ideal gaming platform?

So, in order to discuss this issue, we’ll discuss the following points.

  • Comparing a premium PC to the Steam Deck Handheld gaming console
  • Which one is the best one to go for?

Let’s begin this article by discussing a few of the differences between these platforms.

Comparing a high-end PC to the Steam Deck Gaming Handheld Console

If you’re not a committed gamer, then you could be thinking about what a Steam Deck handheld gaming console is. It’s a handheld gaming console, and as the name implies, it’s a portable gaming console that you can take everywhere for playing video games.

The majority of people who live in Pakistan aren’t aware of the product, yet it’s the top gaming console available in Pakistan which is available in a handheld version. But, using the controller isn’t something the majority of PC gamers are a big lover of. Since I’m a PC gaming enthusiast also, I can attest to this because I’m also averse to playing games that require the controller. But, all that changed when some of the games required me to play with a controller rather than the keyboard. I got one that I still use today.

After having my first experience with a controller I’m more comfortable playing games with no keyboard, which is why I purchased Steam Deck. Steam Deck Handheld Gaming Console 64GB version. I thoroughly enjoyed playing on this console however, as an avid PC player who has had the pleasure of handheld gaming consoles it is possible to easily provide a few reviews and my own personal opinions regarding them.

With that in mind, there are three examples of comparisons between the gadgets to be aware of.

1. Portability

The primary differentiator between both platforms is that one is portable, and you can take it with you wherever, while the other requires you to remain in one location. It doesn’t matter whether you have either the Steam Deck Handheld Gaming Console 64GB or 256GB version due to the fact that both are portable and handheld is the only thing you should be aware of.

On the other hand, a computer isn’t able to move about significantly (even in the house). The reason is that a PC requires an immediate power source to supply power to all its components. Laptops are not considered PCs because they are equipped with a power source that is rechargeable.

Why am I speaking about the portability issue in the first point? This is because we like to play games while on the move or as easy as possible but you won’t enjoy staying in one location using a computer. Therefore, when it comes to mobility and comfort the game console that you can play handheld is definitely the best way to go.

Today, the biggest advantage that a PC offers over gaming consoles (either handheld or regular) is the capability to modify its specifications easily. Are you looking for a more powerful GPU? You can simply plug it into. Are you looking to upgrade your internal storage or RAM? Replace the old storage with the latest one. It’s that easy. A computer can provide you with the freedom to choose from a variety of options in terms of personalization.

However, it isn’t possible to alter the specs that come with Steam Deck. Steam Deck console (until or unless you’re a technical wizard). But, this isn’t a problem because, as the console is designed to be used for gaming It has top-of-the-line specifications that allow for all kinds of games. In addition, if you own a 64GB or one with 256GB capacity it is possible to increase the storage capacity with an external SD memory card.

3. Gaming Performance

The primary thing gamers are concerned about is performance in gaming. If the device is able to provide an excellent gaming experience no matter what platform they pick. If you own a top PC that it will run many games with ease however when it comes to the same gaming experience it’s hard to compete with the Steam Deck. It comes with the features required to run the latest games and will always give the most efficient gaming performance.

Which One Should You Go For

The first thing to consider is which model to go for. Although PC offers a wide range of choices for customization, I suggest giving you the Steam Deck Handheld Gaming Console 64GB or 256GB version the chance to test as it is sure to provide you with the most enjoyable gaming experience.

If you’re interested in getting the price of a gaming console for Pakistan to purchase your Steam Deck, check out Wise Market Pk. I purchased my 64GB model through a sale. There was a sale being offered and I decided to go with it. I received an incredible device, and also gave my free shipping. In all honesty, believe that’s an excellent bargain.

They sell a variety of fantastic smart devices, ranging from smartphones to lifestyle items. So, if you’re looking to purchase the top gaming console available in Pakistan go to Wise Market Pakistan.

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