They ask him about the oil spill, but he answers about the legalization of marijuana

Peru is in an environmental emergency because of an oil spill from a refinery operated by the multinational Repsol. Since final week, there have been a number of efforts to stop it from turning into an environmental tragedy.

Because of this, the president of the Inca nation despatched a whole lot of employees to the coast, the place journalistic groups arrived to cowl the dangerous information.

Exactly, a journalist from the ‘Arriba Peru’ portal was doing a report on Cavero seaside, north of Lima, anddetermined to speak to one of many cleaners who was engaged on the shore of the seaside.

The reporter, recognized as René Cabezas Morales, approached the employee and requested his opinion in regards to the oil spill, however he by no means imagined the response he was going to obtain.

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“That the president already legalizes marijuana, actuallythe person replied. Along with shocking him, the phrases additionally bothered him and the journalist let him know.

“Are you aware what you’re speaking about, sir? What’s your identify? Take a look at the stupidity that this man speaks”, settled Cabezas Morales in a excessive tone.

Though the reporter wished to get extra solutions from the cleaner, he walked away and stated: “We’re working. I am not making enjoyable of anybody. I am chatting Go there”.

René Cabezas Morales tried to interview extra employees within the reside broadcast of greater than an hour, however the one assertion he obtained had nothing to do with the oil spill and sure on the legalization of marijuana.

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