Top 3 Cheapest Cable & Wireless Headphones Under 1000 PKR

Here are the top 3 cheapest and most famous headphones prices, specifications, and reviews. Those people who are looking for the Cheapest headphones in Pakistan for gaming or music can choose the best headphone from given list. All the headphones are under Rs.1000 PKR is the most affordable price. Everyone can buy these headphones easily from their nearest shops or from online stores.

List Of The Top 3 Cheap Headphones In Pakistan

  1. P47 Wireless Headphone
  2. Sony Q140 Wired Headphone
  3. BYZ-SH108 Wired Headphone

1. P47 Wireless Headphone

P47 Wireless headphone is the best and the good sounds and is available for Rs.700 rupees in Pakistan. You can use headphones with your Laptop, computer, Mobile, Tablet, with other devices. This headphone has many good features that are not available in any other cheap headphones. P47 Headphone support FM Radio, Memory Card up to 16GB, and Wireless supported. Its battery timing is very good that can be used for 8 hours (Stand By) and 4 hours on music after full recharge.

Its wireless range is more than 40+ feet. This means that when you connect it to your mobile phone, or computer with Bluetooth, you can go around 40 feet and listen to music in it. This headphone also has FM Radio installed which can run more than 5 Pakistani radio channels. You do not need an antenna for this. You can take it anywhere and play the FM Radio inside it.

These headphones support a memory card that you can insert and listen to audio songs. A memory card larger than 16 GB can be used in p47. You have to put MP3 files inside it as it only supports those files. If we talk about its battery, its battery gives 4 hours back listening to the audio after it is fully charged. It has a good quality digital mic inside which allows you to make calls easily.

The company has developed these headphones in full plastic, which is a normal type of plastic. Its strength is not so great and it can break if it falls from a height of more than 4 feet. This is a very good thing in terms of features, but when it comes to strength, it is not made of such a special material.


  • Wireless Supported
  • FM Radio
  • MemoryCard Space
  • Can be used with wire
  • Battery 250mAh, Up to 4 Hours Talk time battery backup
  • available at the lowest price of Rs.700 PKR
  • Available in Red, Black, Green and White Color
  • Foldable
  • equalizer
  • Plug Type 3.5mm

2. Sony Q140 Wired Headphone

It is a wired supported headphone with high quality of sound. This headphone price in Pakistan is Rs.499 PKR. You can buy it from nearest any mobile and computer shop and also can order online on and other online stores.

This is a great headphone for people who play a lot of games and are looking for cheap headphones to enjoy the games. You don’t get the wireless option in it and you can’t put any kind of card etc. in it. These headphones do not have many futures due to their low price. Its earhooks hold it firmly to the ears and prevent it from falling down.

This is a great headphone for music listeners and gamers and calls on mobiles and laptops. Its sound quality is very good as it has been replaced by woofer speakers which make a great sound and bass. It is made of a good quality plastic and fiber material which is very beautiful as well as strong.

If you compare it with the headphones mentioned above, it will be very good in terms of sound quality and strength. This headphone is the best on the wired headphones list. It is available in the market at the lowest price of Rs.300 PKR to 500 rupees. If you will buy it from Daraz, Alibaba, or any other famous online store then you can buy it at the lowest price of Rs.300+100 delivery charges.


  • Beautiful and Unique design
  • wired supported
  • High-quality Woofers
  • Powerful bass with Stereo sound
  • Perfectly Fits in Ear
  • long wire

BYZ-SH108 Wired Headphone

  1. If you are looking for headphone for calling and gaming then it is the best headphone with the price of below then 1000 PKR. This headphone comes with many good features.
  2. In this headphone, a digital mic is inserted in the cable with the button. You can easily use these wired headphone with your smartphone or laptop and can make calls. Its beauty wins the hearts of people.

People who are interested in the PUBG game and want to buy cheap headphones for this game for any other game which also has the facility of mic then all these features are present in it. It can be easily folded and we can take it anywhere by keeping it in a very small space. The headphones also have a button that can be used to attend calls, decline or disconnect calls, and change the music.


  • Easily Foldable
  • Wired Headphone
  • Digital Mic
  • Three months warranty
  • Colors: Blue, White, and Gray

I hope you like one of my three headphones. All these headphones are much cheaper than 1000 Pakistani rupees which are usually available at every computer, electronic and mobile shop.

Their stated price may be higher or lower depending on the time so we do not fully guarantee the price. More headphones that will be available for Rs. 1000, I will upload here. If you like any of the headphones, please let us know in the comments. Thanks

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