Top Casino Games in Pakistan 2021 | List of the Most Popular Casino Games in Pakistan


While physical gambling as such is illegal in Pakistan, and both gambling organizers and those partaking in games are eligible for legal penalties, online casinos have been offering a safe harbor for those looking to play online and enjoy some gambling.

The country has had a strong culture of gambling for many years, and it comes as no surprise that Pakistanis look for ways to gamble without risking getting in legal trouble for it. 

No local online gambling operators are available, as this would be in direct violation of local gambling laws, but the international operators offer services to any Pakistani players without discrimination. 

Popular Games among Pakistani Players

With hundreds of online casinos now available, the selection of casino games is quite rich, despite the local regulations. 

Players can sign up to online casinos and play any games of their choosing, including their absolute favorites. We took a look and explored what popular casino games in Pakistan detailed here Pakistani players like to play at online casinos, and this is what we came up with. 

Video Slots

Whether you look at Pakistan or any other country in the world, video slots rank among the most popular online casino games out there. 

The massive selection of video slot titles from dozens of amazing slot developers gives players countless options in terms of game themes, gameplay styles, and more. Slots allow players to gamble for very small amounts of money as well, which is ideal for many Pakistani players.

Not only are slot games incredibly entertaining, but they also offer a more video game-like experience, which appeals more to those who are not hardcore gamblers. All of these important aspects put video slots as the number one most popular type of casino game in Pakistan. 

The particular video slots that players like to play are changing all the time, as there are countless titles on offer, and online casinos provide portfolios that often include several thousand slot options, giving each player a chance to play a game that appeals to him or her personally. 

Craps and Dice Games

Craps and other dice games are a part of the culture in Pakistan, with many local gambling men enjoying this game more than others. Craps is a relatively simple game that revolves around throwing dice, and while playing it live in Pakistan could get you into trouble, playing online is pretty safe in legal terms. 

The game is one that offers high risks and high rewards for the lucky shooters and does not require too much skill or knowledge to win at. The simple gameplay, the history of dice games in the region, and the adrenaline rush it provides makes craps one of the most popular gambling games in Pakistan as well. 

1. Blackjack

Players who like to use their brains when gambling and try to outsmart the house enjoy blackjack more than other gambling games. Online casinos offer many different variations of blackjack, and Pakistani players who are looking for ways to actually win at online gambling have been looking to blackjack as their perfect solution. 

The more complex gameplay and strategy of the game make blackjack the perfect solution for players who like their games to reward them for learning how to play well. While anyone can play blackjack, it takes a good player to actually win at the game, and many Pakistanis have been doing their best to learn the game and get very good at it. 

2. Roulette

The ultimate gambler’s game, roulette is one that gains popularity anywhere it appears, and Pakistan is no different. With online casinos gaining popularity in the country, the number of roulette players has also been on the rise, with many locals realizing the potential of the game, as well as the entertainment factor associated with it. Roulette has not been very popular in Pakistan historically due to the lack of local casino facilities, but the online sites are making the game more famous by the day. 

Pakistani players looking to gamble it up and give themselves a chance at some big wins are playing roulette, while others are trying different progressive betting models to try and outsmart the casinos and win a bit at a time. 

3. Poker

The game of poker has been increasing in popularity worldwide for the last couple of decades and it is one that many Pakistanis see as a real opportunity to make some money online. 

Unlike the other games, poker is one that actually allows players to win by outsmarting other players, which makes it incredibly popular and interesting for those looking to make online gambling a source of additional income. 

Poker is very popular among Pakistani players, who have been getting better and better at it over the recent years, with a growing number of Pakistani online poker players becoming big names in the game. 

Technology Changing Life in Pakistan

The internet, mobile devices, and other technology have been greatly changing the lives of people in Pakistan, for the better in most cases. Various industries, including healthcare in Pakistan, have benefited greatly from the new technologies, but the entertainment industry is certainly at the very top of this list. 

With more people having access to the internet than ever before, and millions of smartphones sold in the country, online casinos and other forms of online entertainment are changing the way Pakistanis have fun and enjoy leisure time from the ground up. 

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