Ufone SMS Packages Daily, Weekly, 3 Days and Monthly

Ufone’s best Pakistani Network in Pakistan is introducing SMS Packages. It was launched in 2001 by the name of UFONE.  There are many all-network SMS packages and you have all options to choose your favourite packages as you want. You can select and subscribe to daily, weekly or monthly SMS. Ufone is the first Network in all of Pakistan that has yearly and 45 Days Sms packages. no, another network gives these types of offers.

Ufone Daily SMS Package

From the Ufone Daily SMS Package, you can get Free 1600 SMS for all Networks for Just Rs.5 +Tax. From this Bundle, you can send SMS to any number or any network and can stay connected with your friends and family. Here are some SMS Packages to which you can Subscribe and can get Subscription codes.
Ufone Daily Package
With the Ufone daily SMS offer, users can get free 1600 SMS for all networks in Rs.4.77 PKR for 1 day. To activate this offer simply Send “SUB” to 605. SMS is the need of every student or educated person. Daily SMS offer will be expired after 24 hours and you can self unsubscribed this offer by sending “Unsub” to 605.
Package Name Price Package Details Subscription Code Validity
Daily Package Rs.4.77 +Tax 1600 SMS Send “Sub” to 605 24 Hours
Night SMS
Rs.1 +Tax 300 SMS Send “Sub” to 609 1 Day
(12 AM-8 AM)
Daily Chat
Rs.6 +Tax 10,000 SMS +
500 MB/Whatsapp
*3465# 1 Day

How to activate the Ufone daily SMS offer?

  • Go to the messages option from your mobile phone.
  • Write the SMS “SUB” and send it to 605.
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS of daily SMS package activation.
  • Rs.4.77 paise will be charged for package activation.

Ufone Weekly SMS Package

From the Ufone Weekly SMS Package, you can get 1250 SMS for all Networks for Just Rs.11.95 +Tax. This offer can subscribe to all Ufone Customers. this offer is only for 7 days to subscribe to this offer send “Sub” to 608.
Package Name Price Package Details Subscription Code Validity
Ufone Weekly
SMS Bucket
Rs.11.95 +Tax 1,250 SMS Send “Sub” to 608 7 Days
Ufone Fortnightly
SMS Package
Rs.35.85 +Tax 10,500 SMS Send “Sub” to 603 7 Days
Asli Chappar Phar
Rs.120 +Tax 100 SMS + 100 Mints
1000 MB
*5050# 7 Days

Ufone Monthly SMS Package

All customers can select a suitable SMS package of their choice and can connect always with their friends and family.  From Ufone Monthly SMS Bundle you can get a 21,000 Monthly SMS Pack on all Networks for Just Rs. 95.6 +Tax.
Package Name Price Package Details Subscription Code Validity
Monthly SMS Package Rs.95.6 +Tax 21,000 SMS Send “SUB” to 607 30 Days
Ufone Sim Lagao Offer Free 6000 SMS, 6000 Mints +
6000 MB Data
*5000# 30 Days

Ufone Other SMS Packages

Here are other SMS Packages details with subscription codes. You can subscribe to 45 day SMS bundle by sending “SUB” to 614. In this offer, the subscriber will get 31,000 Free SMS for all networks at Rs.118.31+Tax. 45 Days SMS bucket can be unsubscribed by sending “Unsub” to 614. Ufone users can get 15 day SMS bucket, a Yearly SMS bucket and 3 day SMS package easily. From the Ufone Yearly SMS bucket, customers can get 110,000 SMS for all networks for Rs.795 Rupees. In 15 days SMS package customers have avail of 10,000 SMS that can be activated by sending “SUB” to 603. 15 Days SMS bundle will be costed in Rs.30 PKR.
Package Name Price Package Details Subscription Code Validity
Ufone 45 Days SMS
Rs.118.31 +Tax 31,000 SMS Send “Sub” to 614 45 Days
Ufone 2-in-1 SMS
Rs.10 +Tax 5000 SMS *615# 3 Days
Ufone 15 Days SMS
Rs.30 +Tax 10,000 SMS Send “Sub” to 603 15 Days
Ufone Yearly SMS Rs.795.86 +Tax 110,000 SMS Send “Sub” 601  1 Year
Ufone Sim Lagao
Free 6000 On-net Mints, 6000
SMS, 6000 MB
*5000# 30 Days
Ufone Nayi Sim Offer Rs.50 +Tax 500 On-net Mints, 25 Off-net
Mints, 1000 MB + 500 SMS
*1000# 30 Days
  • All the Packages prices are for the current time these can be changed anytime
  • Users will be able to subscribe to these offers on your own choose
  • By activating Ufone SMS Offers users will be able to send SMS on All networks.
  • Free MBs will be usable on 3G and 4G networks.
  • Users can check the remaining MBs by dialing *706#.
  • For more inquiries, users can contact Ufone by calling 333.

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