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Oklahoma police chief, Joe Don was arrested resulting from his involvement in distributing delusion. He was accused of involving and distributing methamphetamine in southeast Oklahoma. Investigations have been held from the mid of April and now the officer is lastly arrested. The Oklahoma Narcotics Bureau launched the arrest of the police official on Friday. The investigations have been held out inside the mid of April and the OBA and DEA collectively held an investigation for finding further regarding the drug dealing and supply. Joe Don Chitwood was moreover suspected and finally engaged on the case they found regarding the involvement of the officer inside the case. OBN spokesperson talked about the an identical issue whereas reporting. Observe Our website online for the newest updates!!!!!

Why Was Oklahoma Police Officer Arrested?

Why Was Oklahoma Police Officer Arrested?

It moreover bought right here out that the main points about Joe’s involvement was out in the midst of the preliminary phases of investigations. In Oklahoma, Meth is the primary drug amongst others, that’s the rationale for lack of lifetime of many, talked about the OBN director Donnie Anderson. He moreover talked about that being a part of the Regulation and police, and getting involved in such kind of work is a shame and he has put down all the ladies and men who work for the laws and spend their full lives with a objective to defend the laws and the residents from all the crime and such deadly substances. According to the Oklahoma native media, he was taken into custody on Thursday afternoon, after the Narcotics division found small portions of medication in his house.

Joe Don Chitwood Arrested Trigger

Joe was booked into Hughes County Jail after getting caught later that afternoon. Officers talked about that he might be selling small portions of medication, nevertheless it’s enough for any individual who’s hooked on feeding on it. As well as they talked about they weren’t talking about kilos and kilos nevertheless Grams, which is vital inside the view of an addict. Joe was part of the police division of Oklahoma from 2019, and sooner than that, he was from the other division i.e, the Wetumka division of police. He has moreover expert canine who uncover out medicine significantly meth.

Joe Don Chitwood: All Costs & Allegations Outlined

He moreover had a background in working with Personal military security firms. It was in the midst of the Iraq battle, after that he acquired himself as a trainee for the police division. No matter having such and enriched background he acquired involved inside the drug present case. Joe confessed that It makes us look harmful, an identical to another officer who does the an identical issue. Joe stays to be under arrest and we could be educated after furthermore exchange.

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