Zahir Jaffer Noor Mukadam CCTV video, Case and Full Information

Check the Zahir Jaffer Noor Mukadam CCTV video. A video shows how Noor Muqaddam was killed. The Noor Muqaddam case is becoming very popular in Pakistan due to its beauty. The son of a lawyer in Pakistan killed Noor Muqaddam by doing a bad deed, the video of which went viral on the internet.

Zahir Jaffer Noor Mukadam CCTV video, Pictures and Leaked Videos

Zahid Jaffer, who is accused in the case, is said to have been acquitted by the court as he did not find any evidence against him. Such cases are spreading very fast in Pakistan which needs to be stopped.

Zahid Jaffer, the son of a lawyer in Pakistan, raped a Pakistani girl and then killed her naked to cover up his guilt. When police arrested him, his father, a lawyer, obtained a false medical report. The report states that the boy’s mental state is not right and he has been declared insane. The judge, on the basis of all the evidence, declared the boy safe and released him.

Noor Muqaddam’s father has now obtained the videos again in court and opened the case. Zahid may be punished now. Tell us what you think about it in the comments.

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